Painting is the best way to rejuvenate your home or business establishment. In most cases, painting seems like an easy DIY task that takes a day or two to complete but it lacks professionalism. Hence, you hire a professional painter to complete the task. However, there is a thin line between a ‘good’ paint job and a ‘bad’ paint job. If your painting contractor is experienced and knows the skill, then you can rest assured that your house will look exactly what you have imagined. And if it is the opposite, then there is nothing you can do about it apart from blaming the contractor for a bad paint job. So, it is crucial that you consider the following aspects before hiring a painting contractor.

#1 Look for the established ones

Professional painting contractors have a reputation to maintain; hence, they will do everything in their power to satisfy their customers. Painting contractors like New Castle Painting BC maintain a decent website. Look for the services they provide, see what their previous clients are saying about their services, and what their procedures are.

#2 Ask for estimates

It doesn’t mean that if you have found one good painting contractor, you stop looking further. This is crucial especially when you are under a tight budget. Ask around and see what the contractors are asking for your painting project. From the materials to labor charges and more, it takes a lot more.

#3 Materials

This is the most important aspect of any paint job. The better the quality of the painting products, the better will be the outcome. In recent times, it is the painting contractor who provides the supplies for the paint job. There are contractors who, in order to cut the costing, supply cheap and low-quality products. Hence, you have to gather information on the products before making use of them. Doesn’t matter how experienced the painters are, if the paint job starts wearing off even without completing a year or two, then your investment was vain.

#4 Quality assurance

Only hire painters who provide credibility to their paint job. Contractors who sincerely work to complete the project provide warranty for the quality assurance. The lengthy the warranty period, the better the painting contractor is. In general, most painting contractors provide a warranty of up to two years on the quality of work. So avoid painters who do not provide any quality assurance. Quality assurance is extremely important especially due to weather factors. A strong downpour or scorching heat during the summer can really take a toll at your home’s exterior.

#5 Only hire contractors who are insured

Paint jobs sometimes can get out of hand, and you have to make sure that your property and belongings remain safe and secure. Human errors are inevitable, so your painting contractor must take the full accountability for the damage (if caused by their side). On the other hand, ensure that their painters are also insured because accidents can happen at job sites.


Hiring a good painting contractor will not only save you the frustration but additional cost as well. Consider the mentioned points before hiring a painter.

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