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In honor of International Women’s Day last month, the global community celebrated the achievements and contributions of women and girls and also recognized the barriers that still exist for them. The ongoing commitment to the advancement of gender equity and equality and the empowerment of women and girls, in all their diversity, is a theme that should be recognized and dealt with.

The inclusion of gender-specific actions and statistics in the Sustainable Development Goals is not surprising, given that there is an entire goal dedicated to gender parity. “Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls” – is a bold, broad challenge that calls on the world to take action on this important issue.

“Thanks to the integrity I had, I was blessed with supportive staff and customers.”

I was able to run the business for 10 years. At the age of 55, I got remarried by good fortune. I lived in Thailand for 10 years and sent off my mother-in-law in 2020 at the age of 101.”

Meet Fubuki Kozakura, Author of a highly reviewed kindle book “Farewell to Domestic Violence Constraints: Dedicated to those Who Can’t call for Help (Angel Mom’s Balls)”.

Fubuki’s life experience and her wisdom in navigating life even after facing hardship is nothing but an inspiration. 

My activities including my book and online platforms are aimed at bringing smiles back to people’s faces and enabling them to see the light in their future and live positively. I have met many women using Zoom and other methods.

I want to convey the power of words and feel the power of words with them in lifting all of us up to thrive for a better future together.

Fubuki tells her story:

I was loved by my older brothers and sisters and grew up without knowing of any trouble. 

While working as a telephone operator, I lived with my elderly parents until I got married because I was concerned about them.

At the age of 27, I was diagnosed with bone cystoma in my right arm. There was a possibility that my right arm would be amputated. At this time, I experienced the words of many people, including doctors, that brought me to the brink of the abyss, and sometimes received words of encouragement that gave me the strength to stay positive.

I worked in sales to help make ends meet and raise our children, but my husband’s domestic violence only escalated.

I divorced at the age of 50. I started a snack bar with no business experience.

Thanks to the integrity I had, I was blessed with supportive staff and customers.

I was able to run the business for 10 years.

At the age of 55, I got remarried by good fortune. I lived in Thailand for 10 years and sent off my mother-in-law in 2020 at the age of 101.

Whilst some may have found strength and rise from the heartache of abuse, some are still dying from the pain, the lost dignity. Initiatives such as Fubuki’s not only encourage and empower women in need, it ultimately contributes to the entire global community to collectively strive for a better future.

Cultivating Happiness and prosperity for society

The Health and social development of families, communities, and countries depends on empowering women. Women are powerful agents of change, and their empowerment is essential to achieving sustainable development. They play a vital role in society, and their empowerment is crucial to ensuring that everyone can benefit from a healthy, thriving community. When women are empowered, they are able to lift up others around them and create positive change. This benefits not just themselves or their immediate family members but also has a ripple effect throughout entire communities.

When women are living free from violence, poverty, and discrimination, they can reach their full potential. They can contribute their skills to the workforce and help raise healthier and happier children. In turn, this benefits society as a whole by fuelling sustainable economies and improving humanity at large.

As per the UN Women Facts & Figures article, women’s economic empowerment is a key driver of gender equality and human development. When women have greater control over productive resources, they can participate more fully in the economy and society. This, in turn, benefits all members of society by promoting economic growth and stability.

There are many ways to increase women’s economic empowerment. One is to ensure that women have equal access to and control over productive resources such as land, credit, technology, information, and markets. Another is to increase their participation in existing markets through initiatives such as business incubation programs or microfinance schemes. It is also important to provide women with decent work opportunities and give them more control over their own time, lives, and bodies. Finally, it is essential to increase female representation in economic decision-making at all levels from the household to international institutions.

When women are economically empowered, everyone benefits. Gender equality is not only a human rights issue – but is also an economic imperative.

As more and more women rise to support one and the other, rather than contributing to the downward spiral, let’s all put our hands together, as private individuals, companies, and governments, to make sure women are more empowered to live their lives they envision. 

Fubuki’s consistent messaging for women can also be seen on both her website as well as the consistent video broadcasting of her show on social media. 

“I am looking forward and ahead to meet, encourage, and be encouraged by many amazing women.”

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