Many people dream of making their fortune as an online entrepreneur, taking numerous online courses to further their knowledge, but not all of them succeed at their new ventures. So if you want to try your hand at making money online, handing in your resignation and living your perfect life, here are 7 tips that should set you up for success!

  1. Prepare for hard work! Unless you hit on the perfect idea straight away and everything simply falls into place, you will need to spend a serious amount of time researching, learning and trolling through online courses to give yourself a solid foundation for your new business.
  2. Get started today: Procrastination is the entrepreneur’s worst enemy, so you need to get started straight away while you are still working your full-time job. Unless you want to use all your savings, you will need to keep your job to pay your bills and fund your new business venture, so don’t wait until you can afford to resign before starting.
  3. Prepare to fail: Few online entrepreneurs make money immediately, most fail time and time again before they get their big breakthrough. So you need to be prepared to fail, learning from each failure, signing up for different online courses that further your knowledge and heading resolutely towards success.
  4. Manage your business: Learn how to set up and manage your own website, accounts, marketing and social media. There are plenty of courses available and you will not only feel more in charge of your business, but you will save a lot of money in the beginning by doing it all yourself instead of outsourcing (you can outsource when you become a success!).

  5. Create time for your business: At the very least, you will need to set aside two hours every evening to work on your new business, as well as some serious time each weekend. You want momentum in your business and the best way to do that is to treat it as a business, not a hobby. If you have enrolled in any online courses, you will need to include study time into your day, so be prepared to work long hours when you are building your business.
  6. Create goals: Without fixed goals and a timeframe for achieving these goals, your business is likely to languish in your to-do box and never actually move forward. You can set both long term and short term goals, but at first your best strategy is to set weekly and monthly goals that are achievable, but will also benefit your business.
  7. Remain focussed: Don’t become sidetracked by every shiny new money-making strategy that comes across your desk, as these will only distract you from your goals. Keep focussed on your new business, learning new skills and taking online courses as needed, always moving in the right direction. If you keep hopping from one strategy to the next, it’s unlikely that you will succeed (although miracles do happen!), but you can change course and try something completely different if you find that what you are doing simply isn’t working.

One of the best strategies for becoming a successful entrepreneur is to never stop learning. This means completing as many online courses as you need to increase your skills and knowledge base and is definitely one of the pillars of entrepreneurial success!

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