They say computers were the future. They were right! Computers were the future of business. But what is the future beyond that? Artificial Intelligence is the answer.

First, let’s start with what is Artificial Intelligence?

One is natural intelligence which is displayed by mammals in their everyday activities.  Artificial Intelligence is something which is displayed by the machines. To quantify artificial intelligence in a more technical manner, AI is a mechanism through which machines learn to perceive their surroundings and take actions which help them to achieve their goals. The more accurately they achieve their goals, the more refined the Artificial Intelligence is. Most of the refined technologies are then brought down to the public use. When they are brought down to the public use, they are termed as technology.

So now let’s see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be of help in business.

AI can be of help in many business processes:

Analyzing data: Artificial Intelligence uses machine learning to read, understand, analyze and then get the results out. Previously it was done by humans a fair job done till now. Still, when machines started doing it, they were much faster, efficient and effective then what Homo sapiens did. Let me introduce to some reality. There are tons and data which is being generated each and every minute. Billions of emails sent per day. If there are 3 billion users on the net, there are nearly 1 billion websites. These numbers are just representational, in actuality, these numbers keep on increasing at supersonic speed. The data generated is enormous. It is impossible for us mortals to keep track of the data. It is much better if we leave the job to machine learning.

Fact: For those enterprises already in the AI fray, top-performing companies said they are more than twice as likely as their peers to be using the technology for marketing (28% vs. 12%). Unsurprisingly, analysis of data is a key AI focus for businesses; with on-site personalization, the second most commonly cited use case for AI

Search Engine Optimization: Most of the users coming to the internet use search engines. Artificial Intelligence has just made search easier for all the users. Just type in the intended keyword, and the results would appear. Before AI this was generated through keyword relevance and statistical frequency of the search. Machine Learning was used in this process. Machine Learning processes are used to do just basic tasks. Complex tasks require Artificial Intelligence as the knowledge part is deeply embedded in their systems. As they say, search engine optimization is not just about backlinks but many other factors. AI takes into consideration your location, area, frequently searched websites, etc. Artificial Intelligence isn’t unchanging it is made to learn and relearn. This all is done while performing tasks. A perfect example of Artificial Intelligence in action is Google’s, Rank Brain. Rank Brain helps to refine googles search queries and take actions accordingly.

Fact: Artificial General Intelligence will be achieved until 2025. This means that basic human activities of SEO might be carried out by computers. Source: Techcrunch

Customer Service: Customer Service is in the process of a huge turnover right now. Whenever we use Artificial Intelligence, it comes packed with two major capacities. One is churning huge chunks of data into sensible information, and another one is the ability to understand human languages and communicating back in human language. Some famous examples like SIRI, Alexa, Cortana, etc. might come to your mind. Being customer centric when it comes to presales, sales or aftersales is what companies always aim for. After the introduction of Artificial Intelligence after sales service becomes more accurate, efficient and effective. Artificial Intelligence is helpful in identifying customer issues, offer real-time support; define customer behavior pattern, etc.

Fact: Thirty-eight percent of consumers said they believe AI is going to improve customer service.

Business Registration:  Business Registration can be a lengthy process. A few decades ago all the stuff was done manually. This was a time when a lot of documents were procured physically and submitted for the respective processes. Few years down the line the world went digital, and all the documents were uploaded digitally. Still, the time taken was too long, and the approval required usually varied. With Artificial Intelligence in the picture registration and licensing were done in a jiffy. The government of China has taken steps in that direction. Automated machines have been set up at specific locations which are helping entrepreneurs and businessmen to get their registration and licensing done within minutes. This is all happenings because the Chinese Government has started applying space technologies coupled with Artificial Intelligence into daily life. Guangzhou is the city where this process has been applied. The field results were simply phenomenal where the licensing was done in minutes. For example, registering a Private Limited Company would take just minutes.

Fact: Consumers use more AI than they realize. While only 33% think they use AI-enabled technology, 77% actually use an AI-powered service or device.

In business, Artificial Intelligence is the question and also the answer. This is how AI is changing the world. It will be exciting as to how the world will react to changes brought about by AI. is a technology-driven business services platform dedicated to helping Startups & Entrepreneurs easily start and grow their business, at an affordable cost. We have helped thousands of businesses by offering a range of business services right from Incorporating a Company, obtaining various Registrations, Intellectual Property Trademark Registration to Secretarial Compliance, Accounting, GST filings and Returns.

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