Did you know there are 85.8 million iPhone users in the U.S.? Even with so many people owning iPhones, there are many common iPhone problems that people don’t know how to fix.

Knowing some of the common iPhone problems can help you keep calm the next time your phone starts acting up. Continue reading this article, and we will talk about common iPhone issues and what to do.

  1. Not Connecting to the WiFi

If you’ve been using your iPhone for a while and it won’t connect all of a sudden, there’s usually a simple fix. Try turning your iPhone off and back on to see if it works now.

When that doesn’t fix it, you might need to make sure you’re in range of the WiFi. In some cases, you might accidentally be trying to connect to the wrong network, so make sure to double-check the name.

  1. Cracked Screen

Cracked screens can happen even if you have a phone case. If you drop something on your phone screen or if someone hits it, your screen might crack.

You can buy do-it-yourself kits to help you fix your phone, but that doesn’t always work out well. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might even make matters worse, so consider finding a local screen repair shop and paying them to repair it.

  1. Water Damage

If you drop your phone in water, the first thing you might want to do is turn it on and see if it still works. Do not turn your phone on. Turning your phone on when it has water inside can cause it to short-circuit.

Make sure you wipe all the water off your phone and put it in a bowl of rice so the rice can soak up the water. Don’t mess with it for about 48 hours, and then you can give it a try and see if it survived.

  1. Rapid Battery Drain

When your phone battery dies quickly, you might feel like you live on the charger and cord phones are so 1990s.

Look in the section of your iPhone that gives you information about what is using your battery. When you go into this section, you’ll likely find your email push notifications are a big drain and let’s not forget the location services.

Take care of these two things right away and then look at the battery section and see what else is draining your phone fast and get rid of what you can.

  1. Camera Not Working

See if there are any restrictions set on your phone. If you aren’t allowing your camera in your settings, it won’t work.

If your camera still doesn’t work, try resetting your phone and making sure your software is up to date. If these things don’t fix it, you might have a hardware problem that will require a fix from a professional.

Fixing Common iPhone Problems

Now you know more about the most common iPhone problems. With the information in this article, you can navigate owning an iPhone and be able to keep your phone in good working condition.

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