Do you have a thing for mani-pedis? Do you find yourself in a facial frenzy? Is fashion and styling your cup of tea?

Health and beauty courses will help on the path to becoming a beauty practitioner by providing hands-on experience, engaging philosophy, and seminars from industry experts. Well then, kickstart your career as a beauty therapist and fashion stylist to develop skills, explore your creative potential, and achieve life goals.


Beauty and cosmetology are booming internationally. Apart from being lush and vibrant, people also tend to boost their confidence to present themselves amongst others.

Candidates who enrol in health and beauty courses will learn how to style and curl people’s hair, keep their faces flawless and glowing, offer facial and hair spas, do hair colouring, makeovers, etc., along with hairdressing, barbering, beauty therapy, and salon management.

  • Hairdressing: Diploma in Hairdressing covers theoretical and practical work experience that assists in developing the skills and abilities in hairdressing. This course focuses on providing training in areas such as:
  1. The perfect haircut
  2. The hair colouring process – development and understanding.
  3. Comprehend how to work effectively in the existing retail market.


  1. Qualified Hairdresser
  2. Salon supervisor
  3. Session stylist
  4. Sales representations for a company
  • Beauty Therapy: A diploma in Beauty Therapy will help establish the fundamentals of beauty therapy. Students will graduate as experts with learned knowledge and understanding about skincare. The course also deals with topics such as nutrition and well-being that affect the skin and body.

Beauty therapy is one of the highest and the most aspired vocational qualifications in the beauty industry that furnishes knowledge, experience, and advanced skills.


  1. Beauty Therapist
  2. Beauty blogger or writer
  3. Beauty sales representative
  4. Make-up artist

Many other programs explore various facets of beauty treatments and skincare routine, including herbal and organic treatments.

Aspirants are spoilt with choices in work opportunities at professional salons, spa lounges, beauty centres, etc. One who pursues this course has umpteen professional choices, which include:

  1. Cosmetologist
  2. Haircare artists
  3. Hairstylist
  4. Make-up artist
  5. Fashion show stylist
  6. Beauty magazine writer and many more.

The requirement for beauty experts in beauty academics to train budding experts in this field also has a magnificent role.


Fashion is also a segment of beauty. Candidates can also pursue fashion-related courses like:

  1. Applied Fashion Design: In this course, one can graduate with a comprehensive understanding of the fashion design process, solid skills, and talent that enable one to seek entry-level work experience in the world of fashion.
  2. Diploma of Applied Fashion: This course will discuss the entire modelling process that happens for designing a dress along with the conceptual framework, illustration and visualization, software-assisted pattern creation, stitching, draping, embellishment, and final finishing. It focuses on analyzing how contemporary production methods and marketing campaigns can make emerging brands stand out in the customer marketplace.
  3. Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design: During this course, one can learn the modern techniques in pattern making, product development, and design management systems.

Careers in fashion designing can be alluring for a person with an inventive and creative approach towards fashion and styling. However, some of the other career choices may include:

  • Retail Manager
  • Fashion Coordinator – advertising and brand promotions
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Personal Stylist
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Sketching assistant
  • Fashion Journalist and many more.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are numerous courses with different approaches to each of them.

In conclusion, the beauty and fashion courses are gratifying and rewarding careers. It is a course where one can help an individual look good and contribute towards making a difference and shaping the client’s confidence in flaunting themselves.

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