Marketing isn’t always just about websites, SEO, and email campaigns. There are plenty of other ways to market your business and help make sure you are seen by the masses. Taking advantage of customized sticker printing can provide a great resource to promote your business. And when you promote your business, you have more opportunity to reap the benefits of success. 

Before you just go printing stickers, though, you need an excellent design and a reliable company to help print the best stickers. Check out some simple tips to help amp up your business through customized stickers. 

Why Use Customized Stickers? 

Customized stickers give you broad exposure. Think about it: wherever that sticker goes, your business is represented. So why not take advantage and represent yourself to the max? Stickers are relatively inexpensive and they are long-lasting. When someone purchases or receives a sticker, they are going to place it somewhere, and any number of people might see it. 

You just need a great design. You want it to be eye-catching and represent your brand well at the same time. 

Selling Customized Stickers

Many businesses choose to sell their stickers. They are an inexpensive product item and fans of your company will enjoy them. You make a little bit of money for someone to help advertise your name. Stickers are a common add-on when someone wants something else to add to their purchase or put in the cart. 

Sell stickers with the intent of bringing more people to the site to purchase. It’s a win-win. Buy the stickers in bulk and you can make a profit selling them. 

Customized Stickers for Promotions

A lot of businesses use stickers to promote their business and give them away, rather than selling them. You could do some of both, but make sure you design them well either way. When you make stickers for promotion, the goal is to get them in as many hands as possible and engage people with them. 

Give the stickers away every chance you get. Here are some ideas: 

  • Conferences
  • Events
  • Order add-on

Hand out stickers whenever you have the opportunity. Put a sticker in every order over a certain amount. Every sticker you hand out could see hundreds of people and promote your business to them. Make sure you use an awesome sticker design so the receiver will use that sticker in some way. 

Your goal should be to pique curiosity about your brand. You want people to see that sticker and be interested in you. Always be sure to include your website, a QR code, or something that makes you easy to find and identify. Help people discover you with these stickers. 

A promotion sticker is a little bit different than a for-sale sticker. You want to promote your brand and who you are without overdoing it. This is like your business card in a way, but it’s cooler. Use your logo, use your branding, and make it stand out. 

Tips for Awesome Customized Stickers

When it comes to ordering customized stickers, it takes more than just coming up with a good design. Yes, the design definitely matters, but what about print quality? You need to take your time to find a quality printer who will be able to handle your sticker file and make the product look amazing. 

If you want your stickers to be effective, that comes with choosing the right company to print. Do a little bit of research and make sure you get your money’s worth! 

Choose a Sticker Printing Company

If you have a local resource for printing stickers, that can sometimes be a good fit. But not everyone has that option. You also have to consider costs and overall quality, which means the local printer isn’t always the best fit for this project. 

Find a company that you can connect with and get to know. Choosing a company that can handle all of the printing needs for your business is ideal and convenient. Take the time to look at their work and ensure the quality of their work is good enough for you. 

These are some qualities you can look for:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Plenty of options
  • Great reviews from past clients
  • High-quality materials
  • Can handle your other printing needs too

File Formats

Another important element of getting quality stickers is file formatting. You are going to send a design to your printer, and it needs to be in the right format for them to do their best work. If you’re unsure of a design, some printers might be willing to help you create a design. However, they will still need files that include your logos and brand fonts or colors to do so. 

Find out what formatting parameters need to be followed and provide what you can in that range. These are some of the most common specifics for formatting:

  1. DPI (dots per inch) of at least 300 
  2. Set the color spectrum to CMYK for color accuracy, instead of RGB
  3. Set a bleed area of ¼” to accommodate machine shifts

These small details will make big differences in your final sticker product. 

Investing in sticker printing is a great way to get your business out there. Just be sure to know the tips and choose a company that will provide the best work. Then let the stickers do the work from there! 

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