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In its relatively short period of evolution, website design has matured quite a lot and progressed far further than one could have ever expected it to. Contemporary web design is not only about attracting user eyeballs but also about delivering the most useful content in an intuitive way. With an increasing number of websites vying for user attention it is absolutely imperative for your website to have a design that will put it into the highest orbit. Some killer tips:

The First Five Seconds Define the User Intention

Users searching for something on the web are notoriously impatient and this behavior is even more pronounced when the search is fired from a mobile device by a user on the go. If the website fails to load and answer the user’s query in the first five seconds, then you will not convert him into a customer. You have an exceedingly short window of opportunity when you can impress the user that your website has the potential of satisfying his requirements. To do this you need to ensure that the user is paying attention to your site. Typically, you should use great looking images to get their eyeballs tracking and persuasive text to catch their attention as well as an unbeatable value proposition that simply can’t be ignored.  In effect, tell a good story that will inform the users how their needs can be met and tell it very quickly.

Put a Design Strategy in Place

Even before you hire a Las Vegas Web Design Co or a freelance designer, you should ideally have in place a workable design strategy that will answer basic issues like the message being conveyed with the design and whether the website design is representative of your venture’s core values and brand identity as well as the impact that is being delivered to the users. A design strategy must necessarily tie together all the design elements to make sure that it is a cohesive whole and tells an impactful story that is persuasive enough for users to take action.

Make Your Website Future-Proof

The environment of the internet has been rapidly evolving from the very start and trends have a really short life. While there is no way of predicting the environment of tomorrow, it is absolutely essential to follow the direction of the trends and incorporate enough design elements that will ensure that users will be able to access the contents satisfactorily. The rapid shift to mobile devices for accessing the net makes it absolutely necessary for the website to be made responsive so that it can easily adjust to the varying screen size to deliver an optimum browsing experience.


For your website to have the desired level of conversions, it is vital that you keep on testing it under various conditions and on different devices and platforms. Put in place a system for obtaining user feedback and go deep into the analytics to discover what is right and what is wrong on your website.

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