Some people make it difficult to buy gifts. What do you get for the person who has everything? What do you get for the naysayer who’s never happy with anything? Obviously, these are difficult people to please, but there’s one thing that tends to please nearly anyone: handmade wooden furniture.

You can’t ask for a better or more universal gift. Most furniture today is made from pressboard or some other kind of aggregate wood. Even when there’s a veneer of real wood on the front, it just isn’t the same – if it manages to look halfway decent, you can always tell that it’s fake. Handmade wooden furniture is, of course, significantly more expensive than its flimsy pressboard counterpart; however, it’s cheaper in the long run to buy something real.

First of all, solid wood is more durable than pressboard. This means it will last a very long time if cared for properly. There are pieces of wooden furniture out there that are decades or even centuries old and are still in use today. Of course, most furniture doesn’t last quite that long, but when cared for properly, solid wood furniture certainly can. Pressboard, by comparison, will be ruined the first time it gets wet.

Every kind of wood is unique regarding its colour, grain or hardness. Combine that with the endless variety of available furniture designs and you have a recipe for creativity and distinctiveness. Solid wood can age beautifully, allowing for unbelievable discoveries at antique shops – but it can also be used to make a new reclaimed wood dining table that can be purchased from a talented artisan.

Woodcraft is a Canadian company that makes designer, hand-made wood furniture. They started their business in a barn on the outskirts of Toronto but have since become one of the world’s premier suppliers of quality wooden furniture.

One of Woodcraft’s highlights is their “Metropolitan” dining room table. The surface is a flat, smoothly painted surface supported by a double half-moon shaped base. When you first look at it, you might not realize that it’s almost entirely made of wood. This unique design is only possible because of the experience and expertise of its builders.
Another example of the quality of their work is the “Avenue” sideboard. This model would make a great dresser or display table. Its diagonal structure is both unique and durable. When you first see its distinctive shape, you might wonder how it is able to support any weight given its triangular form, but it turns out to be surprisingly strong.

If you’ve ever bought a cheap piece of pressboard furniture – only to get it home and realize that you’ve wasted your money – you might start to feel like it would be better to go out to the woods to chop down a tree yourself and make your own furniture. These cheaper alternatives just aren’t worth the hassle of constantly replacing poorly-made products made from sawdust and chips.

Thankfully, companieslike Woodcraft offer a wide variety of wooden furniture at competitive prices, so you won’t have to use the old-fashioned method to give fine gifts this Christmas.

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