Hyderabad is the capital city of the Indian states of Telangana, located in the northern part of South India and occupying an area of 650 square kilometers along the banks of the Musi River. It is the city that has a population of about 6.9 million, which makes it the fourth most populous city in India. With the generation of an output revenue of over US 74$billion, this city is considered to be the 5th-largest contributor to the overall gross domestic product (GDP) of India. Hyderabad is the base for the 2nd largest producer of motion pictures in India which is the Telugu film industry (TFI).

Until the 19th century Hyderabad was known as the “City of Pearls”, and it is the only diamond trading center in the world at that time. This city has been emerged as the Indian hub of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, since from the year 1990. The formation of HITEC City which is dedicated to information technology has encouraged leading multinationals to set up operations in the city of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is the biggest and busiest cities of Telangana state, with more population comes more vehicles thus results in heavy traffic. Traffic is not only limited to the roads of Hyderabad, but air traffic is also heavy at Hyderabad. Hyderabad has two airports one is domestic and the other is the international airport.

Airports of Hyderabad

As discussed earlier, Hyderabad has two airports one outside of the city which is Shamshabad airport and the other is inside the city which is named Begumpet airport.

The Begumpet airport is the old airport in Telangana states, which is established in the year 1932 by the last Nijam of Hyderabad city. It is used to be a domestic airport up to March 2008 later all the commercial and civil operations of the airport have been closed down and the airport now is used as an airforce training center and also for some special operations such as emergency services and VIPs and private jets.

The other airport is the Shamshabad airport which is also known to be the Rajiv Gandhi international airport. It is an international airport that is currently serving the capital city (Hyderabad) of Telangana which is an Indian state. It is a new airport which is opened on 23 March 2008. It is located at Shamshabad which is 24KM from Hyderabad, after the shutdown of Begumpet airport, at present this is the airport that is used for all the civil and commercial operations. As of 2019 March, it is the 6th busiest airport in India by the traffic of passengers. 

This airport served about 21.4 million passengers in the year 2018 to 2019. The airport serves as a central hub for several airlines, such as Alliance Air (India), Blue Dart Aviation, IndiGo, etc.

Flight charges at Hyderabad

With the increase in usage of flights by the customers, the Fares of the flights are also been altered. Fares of the flight tickets touches the sky in the busiest seasons in India, even the prices are high demand for that will never be down. Hyderabad being the populous city has more passengers than any other airports in India. During the festival seasons, people are most likely to travel faster to save some time, this gives the airports a chance of heavy flow. With the increase in the demand for the flight at that season, they will raise the prices of tickets making it much more difficult to purchase for ordinary people. There are also some ways to travel with less cost from the busiest airports like Hyderabad. To get the cheap flight tickets to Hyderabad there are some advisable methods to follow. 

Methods to be considered for Cheap Airfare to Hyderabad

(Note: The methods described below are to be considered if the person wishing to travel from/ to Hyderabad without any time constraint i.e., it is not a wise decision to be taken if you have any urgent work or in an emergency.)

Cheap Airfare to Hyderabad can also be found if you choose a flight that is running in the evening. Whereas booking a flight ticket for the flight running afternoon will likely to be meant of higher prices.

  • Out of all weekdays, Thursday is considered to be the cheapest day to fly to/ from Hyderabad. At the very moment, Sunday being the public holiday will be the busiest and is the most expensive of all weekdays.
  • Throughout the entire year, flying to Hyderabad in August is usually considered the best time with low prices. However, there will be other deals to be found and are always available around the year. Historically August is the period with the most rainfall. Whereas May is the hottest period of the entire year. These are the two most important months wherein prices of the flight tickets go down. If you wish for the cool discount on the ticket with the warm weather as soon as you arrive at your destination I.e, from/to Hyderabad and off of your flight at the respective airport, then May is statistically the best and the hottest. Similarly August is best with hot and fresh discounted rates with a cool and wet climate. 
  • The cost of your plane tickets will likely increase significantly during the final three weeks before departure so it is advisable to book two weeks in advance of your flight. Moreover booking in advance is one of the easiest ways of ensuring that you will get it at the lowest price. The best time to book a flight ticket from /to Hyderabad is 38 days before your desired date of departure.
  • Another way is to set a price alert. Prices of flight tickets may change from time to time or day to day, setting an alert on price fall would save you a lot of time and money for traveling to any place via plane. Having flexible travel plans is another way to save money. Another two easiest ways for flying cheap are to fly in the middle of the week or on the holiday as only a few people travel on these days.  

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