When the electric drill was first released, it quickly became the favorite of many. Only that the first electric drills were corded, meaning you needed to connect it to a power source to use it. With the release of some of the best cordless drills, it is now possible to work virtually anywhere. For sure, cordless drills have several advantages that those who have used them can attest.

They include the following:

A Two-In-One Tool

Cordless drills usually combine two tools in one. You may use it both as a drill and a screwdriver. After drilling holes, you can quickly turn it into an effective screwdriver. It will enable you to save the money you might have used to buy two different tools. You also save on storage space since you are dealing with only one tool.

Usable Anywhere

You do not need an electric cord to use this type of drill. That means you can take it with you virtually anywhere, so long as you have a fully charged battery. Available on the market today are affordable, lightweight, and powerful cordless drills for professional use virtually everywhere. It is important since you don’t have to take the work to the tool but rather the tool to where the work is.

Powerful Tools

Most cordless drills contain high-voltage batteries, which provide more power than that of the corded drills. The systems in cordless drills are also more efficient. Thus, you can expect these drills to deliver torque at the highest speeds. An average cordless drill has a torque of about 50Nm. Now compare that with a corded drill, which can only deliver 10Nm and you have a powerful tool in your hands. You can drill and drive screws into hardwoods, plastics and other tough materials.

Possible to Control Torque

Based on the material you are drilling, you need the freedom to control the torque levels. Luckily, cordless drills come with a feature that allows you to do just that. Thus, you can control the power the tool is delivering. It is possible to drive screws to the required depth, which makes these tools more precise. If anything, you will experience a few instances of damage to the work surface or screw head. That isn’t possible with corded drills, which come with fixed torque. If you are not careful, you will press the trigger more than you should and damage the work surface.

A Chuck with Three Jaws

Electric drills have a chuck, which holds drill bits or the screwdriver. The difference is that the cordless drill has a three-jaw chuck, which is loved for being able to hold drill bits both hexagonally and as a straight shank. That’s how it is capable of acting both as a drill and screwdriver. While drills use straight shanks, screwdrivers are hexagonal.

The case with corded screwdrivers is different since they lack the 3-jawed chucks. To use these for drilling requires you to buy a drill bit with a hexagonal shank. You might as well overhaul your entire toolbox.

Improved Batteries

Originally, cordless drills had rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, which were low capacity. There followed the nickel-metal hydride batteries, which had a slightly higher capacity. With the current lithium-ion batteries, cordless drills charge fast, last longer on a single charge, and are more reliable. Also, these batteries are lighter and do not limit the portability of the tools. You can carry your tool anywhere and use it for longer.

As you can see, cordless drills are a must-have for someone with work away from a power source. They are lightweight, powerful, and reliable. Why don’t you buy one today?

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