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Well, if you have a stable internet connection on your mobile, you do not. However, if you are going to visit Italy, chances are, you do not have one. Yes, mobile internet does work great, and you can make voice calls through applications like Skype.

However, what one needs to look at here is that making voice calls over the internet through a smartphone can cost nil and it is here that a mobile phone user will benefit. No more having to pay phone bills. You can just use the internet to make voice calls at amazing cheap costs.

Travelling through Italy is an amazing experience. Thanks to Expresso WiFi, you can have an uninterrupted connection to the internet while you live through the beauty of Italy. Rent a wifi device allows you to access the internet in the same way as you would normally work with a router back home.

These pocket sized personalised WiFi devices from Expresso WiFi help you to easily connect multiple devices at once and do not require any complicated setups. Therefore, you do not need to worry about complicated connection cables and signal boosters. Don’t go in for just any signal booster – ExpressoWiFi is here!

If you wish to use Wi-Fi on your phones, a mobile extender may be right the choice. These extenders have a built in power plug instead of cords. These hardly require any set up and can be placed almost anywhere.

In many cases, you can forego buying an extender. Since an extender will only increase the range and not increase speeds, investing in a new router might make more sense. However, if you do not wish to spend as much and your main priority is ensuring all floors of your home or office get some signal, an extender is the way to go – and ExpressoWiFi solves all your worries easily, in no time.

Expresso WiFi is an innovative startup company that aims to provide tourists in Italy with complete internet solutions. Italy’s national territory does not have many WiFi spots around.

In order to remain connected to the internet on the go, in Italy is quite a problem. Before Expresso WiFi was up and running, tourists mostly resorted to data roaming services of the domestic internet suppliers, which needless to say is a very expensive affair.

Moreover, making voice calls while on roaming can be whoopingly costly on its own. With internet-based applications allowing users to place voice and video calls over the internet and allow sharing of pictures, videos, etc with remarkable ease, all one really needs is an affordable means to access the internet.

Expresso WiFi provides a speed of 4G LTE. Expresso WiFi devices allow you to access unlimited internet, so users who need to use large volumes of data can easily use it with worrying about surge rates and volume caps. Uninterrupted internet ensures that a tourist in Italy can easily make quick references to maps, guides, language translations and all other needs without any technical glitches.

Other than these obvious uses, tourists also find it better to make the most of their trip to Italy by checking out information about monuments, palaces, etc on the official websites.

Also, Expresso WiFi makes it easy for the user to better plan their day out by checking out public transport schedules, best traditional places to eat or hang out for drink or a scrumptious pastry at the end of the day.

Get Expresso WiFi ASAP

Expresso WiFi devices can be easily rented once you feed in the details of where you want to pick up your device. All payments are made online via VISA card or MasterCard.

Expresso WiFi devices can be delivered by their courier service to your hotel reception desk and/or apartment. If you would rather pickup the device on your own, then Expresso WiFi Points are also listed on their website, which includes the airport also. Once you receive the device, you can start using it without any undue delay.

Make the most of the Expresso WiFi device by constantly saving your pictures and videos to the cloud and participate in work meetings just as if you were at your own office.

Have fun in Italy and rent a wifi exploring Italy with Expresso WiFi internet solutions!


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