Taking a trip to Aberdeen this summer will not just help you escape the scorching heat; it will also help you settle in peace for a while with its greenery all around. This beautiful city in Scotland is known for its tourist spots which provide the lush greenery. Not just you can see an array of natural vegetation; you can also enjoy artificial vegetation. However, you won’t be able to spot the difference between the two.

Some places in and around Aberdeen, are not just sources of greenery, but also provides recreation.

Golf courses

The country where the sport of golf had taken birth is Scotland. The place is famous for the sport and the golf courses. However, even after so many years there are still some places that need to be discovered.

Aberdeen coast has some of the most unique and extraordinary sandscape. One of which is 100 feet high. If you love playing golf or want to try the sport, there are a few​challenging link courses designed by top golf architects. These areas will not just provide you recreation, but also help you breathe clean and fresh air. The beautiful and panoramic view might take your breath away. Aberdeen has the top ten oldest golf courses of the world.

There are a number of golf courses in parkland; in the city and beyond, on the great states and rigged Heath’s, in castle ground and tree-filled parks. Alongside fast flowing rivers, the golf courses will give you the enjoyment and peace of a lifetime. The highest golf course of UK is at Braemarin, the upper reaches of Royal Deeside. It is also the meeting point of Aberdeen and Cairngorms National Park. The 9-hole golf course located nearby is now a retreat not only for the royalties of Scotland but also for the corporate.

Codonas Amusement park

The Codonas Amusement park is one of the most visited tourist spot. Run by the third generation of Codona family, it is an attraction for children and adults alike. It is situated adjacent to the Aberdeen Beach and Queens Links on the coast of the North Sea.

Established in 1969 by Codona family, it is a great source of entertainment for the visitors. Some of the most popular rides that you can enjoy here include Vertigo Aerial Assault Course, the Grampian eye, the white water log flume, the Galleon (Swinging Ship), dead man’s drop, Codona’s Waltzers, giant slide, super truck, animal Barn Pet Centre, cups and saucers, carousel, skydeck super dodgems. There were several rides which existed previously but no longer exist.

Donmouth Local Natural Reserve

If you are more of a lover of natural beauty, Donmouth local natural reserve is a place to be.

It is a great place to see a vast number of seals and interesting birds. The river has changed its course and the beach area looks very different. The Bird hide is an amazing area to watch the wildlife.

If you are planning to enjoy all of these and wondering where to stay, there are a range of budget hotels in the area. Budget hotel Moxy in Aberdeen can provide you the luxury and comfort without hurting you pockets.

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