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If you love to try new makeup looks and the latest beauty trends, you may have thought about becoming a beauty vlogger. Beauty vlogging gives you a chance to make money while showcasing your skills and doing what you love. If you want to become a beauty vlogger, follow these steps to get started.

Set up your channel.

To become a beauty vlogger, you need to have a place to post content. Setting up a YouTube channel is free and allows you to make money with your videos. The most challenging part about getting your channel started is coming up with a name and a theme for how you want your channel to look.

When coming up with a name, try to think of something catchy that gives viewers an idea of your content. Incorporate beauty-themed words like “makeup” or “looks” so new viewers can find you. You should also include your name somewhere on your channel and a short bio to introduce yourself. Thinking of a name and a theme will set the tone for your whole beauty vlogger career, so choose wisely!

Get your equipment.

You’ll need to make sure you have everything you need to record and edit your videos before you can become a vlogger. When you first start, you can use things you already have like your smartphone to record videos and natural lighting for your light source.

Once you advance in your beauty vlogging career, you should invest in higher-quality equipment. Successful YouTubers often have professional cameras, indoor lighting, and a microphone to capture audio. There are tons of different options at varying price ranges, depending on what you need.

Create and Edit Videos

After you have your channel set up and all of your equipment ready, it’s time to start shooting videos. Think about what content you want to create. A reliable format for beauty vloggers is how-to videos. For example, you can make a video all about how to put on magnetic lashes. Magnetic eyelashes are growing in popularity, which means there will be a need for that content on the internet. To make a successful video about magnetic lashes, you’ll need all the supplies to do it yourself, including magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner. You’ll also have to research how to apply false eyelashes so you can effectively demonstrate it in your video.

After recording your video, you’ll have to edit it. Editing is another opportunity for your creativity to shine. Two of the most common editing software programs are Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, but you can use whatever software you want. Keep in mind that editing does take a lot of practice, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not an expert right away.

Advertise products.

Once you get a following, brands will contact you to make content for their products. Partnering with brands is an excellent opportunity to make extra money from beauty vlogging. To attract companies to your channel, tag them when you use their products. If you create engaging content that drives viewers to their site, they’ll know they’ve come to the right place for advertising deals.

If there’s a particular brand whose products you enjoy, you can even reach out to them about future partnerships. A current trend in the beauty vlogging industry is beauty and dietary supplements, specifically collagen. Look around and find a collagen manufacturer who you would like to work with, and reach out to them about advertising opportunities. You can educate your viewers about the benefits of collagen products while getting a discount. Who knows, you may even strike a lucrative deal in the process.

Learn from other vloggers.

The best way to learn about making beauty vlogs is by watching other vloggers. Don’t copy their content, but instead get inspiration from them. Pay attention to the angels and lighting they use, the techniques they use to edit their videos, and the topics they cover. You can even make videos where you try to recreate looks that you enjoy. Just make sure to credit other creators when you use their work for inspiration for your videos.

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