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Well AR is not considered as complete, complex and exciting as Virtual Reality but it still is amazing. It is the enhanced and more detailed version of the real world. Although AR has just been introduced but it’s still making huge progress in businesses and app development. From fashion to travel, from business to gaming. It has proven to be of great success. Everyone is loving its upcoming outcome. Well I’m here to give you a slightest idea about how it works and what it has to offer the world.

It has two types: Location Based augmented reality apps and marker based augmented reality apps.

Location based Augmented reality apps make use of smart phone’s features to keep in track some other gadget or device. This enables augmented reality to provide relevant data dependent on the location of the device or gadget. If we talk about its real world implementations we can use it to track a car in a busy road or highway. We can take some ideas about constellation patterns in the sky at night.

On the other hand Marker based augmented reality apps differ from Location based augmented reality apps in a lot of ways. First of all, they have software that enables the features of smartphones point into a direction which overlays the digital data upon real world objects. For example when a user points his mobile device’s camera to some QR code or digital picture its displays some Virtual UI on the top of the abject. This technology is being used by Snapchat and other apps successfully. A lot of Augmented Reality App Development guys have earned a lot of profit by taking app development to a whole new level by this. AR Oyunlar have delivered a lot of revenue for game developments guys.

Now that we have covered the basics of what augmented reality is we should also look into its development phase. I just want to give you some insight on this. It’s not really easy to do augmented reality app development it has lot of phases in which it goes into. The first step that goes into Augmented Reality App Development is to determine what tools you are going to use. It really is a keen decision to make because a lot depends on what kind of tool is used during this development.

There are mainly two types of tools that are used in this augmented reality development, First one is Marker Based AR and other one is Marker less AR. The first one i.e. Marker based AR it uses the target recognition technique and the target can be anything like a 3D object, Human Being or maybe an image too. After the recognition of the target, the AR operating system which is known as an AR engine displays the virtual object on it and then it displays all that contact on your screen. Most of augmented reality app developers recommend Qualcomm Vitoria SDK because of its vast and useful features.

The other one that is Marker less AR mainly works for Location based augmented reality apps uses global positioning system of smart phones to keep in track that device’s location and then produce information according to that location. There are many apps that are location based augmented reality apps. Some of the most famous ones are Layer and Wikitude which give you suggestions about nearby restaurants and cafes around you.

Well, the most demand for Augmented Reality App Development is in the AR Games market. Games like Pokemon Go and Minecraft have gained a lot of popularity lately.

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