Nigerian men certainly know how to dress well. They are continually evolving their style through the years and are known for their unique sense of fashion. Here is a brief guide to Nigerian men’s fashion. 

Where Do They Get Inspiration?

Their biggest inspirations for their clothes are from their culture. The latest Nigerian fashion, despite modern days, still expresses great respect to their religious background and beliefs. 

To give an additional tweak to their clothing style, they add some of their traditional styles to the latest Nigerian men’s fashion. By doing so, they are able to acknowledge their history and catch up with modern times.

Nigerian Men Fashion 2019

Here are some of the examples of Nigerian men fashion that show the beauty of their culture and religion.


  • Agbada


Nigerian men wear Agbada in a modernized way. Agbada, also known as one thousand five hundred, is an enormous and flowy native long dress. Men wear it in a way that the Agbada reaches under the knees and sometimes their ankles. 

It requires many adjustments for the gown to fit well on the body, which sometimes takes too much time. Lastly, even though men customarily wear Agbada, some women are starting to use Agbada for women fashion as well.


  • Kaftan


Another fashion piece that men wear is Kaftan. The cloth is simple yet elegant, and there are times where a Kaftan takes pride in its colors. It’s long like the Agbada and loose. Kaftan is a native tunic that goes down the ankles or sometimes, cut until under the knees. 

Even though the garment is loose, the Kaftan provides a better fit than the Agbada. It does not require a substantial number of adjustments and looks well-worn on any form or size of the body.


  • Senator


One of the most known Nigerian men’s fashion is the Senator style. Senator Pious Anyim was the one who made this fashion sense famous. Anyim is a former senator of Nigeria’s upper legislative house. Through his influence, men began to favor the usability of the “senator style” and carried it until now. 

Because Anyim was a senator, this particular style gives off a vibe that portrays power and professionalism. You need to use sturdy and bold suit material that will give the clothes a sense of authority. 

The style of the senator shirt extends to the knees and sometimes contains some decorative elements such as embroidery. Other times, it looks bare. The trouser or pants of a senator style matches the shirt’s material most of the time. Lastly, the pants give a minimalistic feel like its matching shirt.

As seen in the examples above, Nigerian men are able to pull off elegant and compelling styles. Not only do they have great taste in fashion, but they are also exceptionally respectful to their history. It’s pleasing to know that despite the many numbers of trending styles, Nigerian men never forget where they came from and what is essential in their lives.

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