For those who have suffered the consequences of a wrongful conviction, they understand only too well what this has done to their lives. No matter how they tried to fight the “guilty” verdict, it seemed as though the evidence just wasn’t there to exonerate them. Sadly, altogether too often it is due to something done, or not done, by the arresting officers that led to a guilty verdict and as the old saying goes, “You can’t fight city hall.”.Or can you? 

If you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime, any crime whatsoever, don’t lose hope just yet. Actually, there really is a way to get a wrongful conviction overturned so let’s look at some of the reasons why it is important to you and how to go about clearing your good name.

Fines and Incarceration

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you are either slapped with hefty fines that you can ill afford or are serving time in prison because of that verdict. Instead of resigning yourself to what lies ahead, why not speak with experienced attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin who have been the lead attorneys in literally countless cases where a wrongful conviction was overturned?

As alluded to above, many wrongful convictions are due to official misconduct by the arresting officers or false forensic science, which amounts to the same thing. In any case, if you have been wrongfully convicted, major consequences include time spent in jail and/or hefty fines imposed on you. Just because the government may have been involved in that conviction doesn’t mean you can’t be compensated for what you’ve lost in terms of finances or time. You can’t fight city hall? Yes, you can!

Stigma Caused by the Conviction

Once you have been exonerated there are still going to be those who remember that you were convicted at one time before having the conviction overturned. They may be thinking that you really were guilty, but a good lawyer can ‘fight’ the conviction, whether or not you are innocent. Many people who have suffered through this can attest to having lost relationships with loved ones and friends who were simply misled by that conviction.

Sometimes no amount of proof positive that you really are innocent can repair those relationships and at this point, you might want to sue the offending party or agencies that led to the wrongful conviction. There may be no way to have faith in you restored by those who still doubt your innocence but the hardships and loss you suffered as a result of that wrongful conviction should, and can, be financially compensated.

Inability to Get Gainful Employment

Speaking of financial compensation, there are times when that conviction, wrongful as it was, sticks in the memory of employers in your city. If you have trouble securing a job because of this, you can also see compensatory damages from the offending party or parties. In fact, even if you didn’t suffer as a result, the court may award you with nominal compensation.

The point in all this is that a person who has been wrongfully convicted of a crime will almost always suffer some kind of consequence due to that conviction. It is your right as a wrongfully convicted person to have that verdict overturned as well as to seek financial compensation for the losses you experienced as a result. It is your right!

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