Vadodara, earlier known as Baroda, is the third-largest city in the state of Gujarat. Blessed by the rain gods, the city that sits on the banks of Vishwamitri river boasts of good weather and greenery. It is also home to leading educational institutions and a growing presence of MNCs. As such, the city records large migration from students and professionals to pursue growth opportunities. 

When you move to a new city one of your biggest concerns is finding yourself a good place to stay. A lot of people opt to stay in PGs because it is an economical and pocket-friendly option in comparison to renting an independent apartment. Well, searching for the best PG in Vadodara is a task in itself! Here’s a guide for you to find the best PG in Vadodara:

Plan It Out

Plan well ahead of time what place in the city you want to move to. Search online, draw-up a list, and check out potential PGs in Vadodara in that particular area. You can also choose Stanza Living, which has multiple properties across the city. Visit and narrow down on options that fit your budget and location. You can also book a property visit to finalize your ideal place to stay.

Keep Your Options Open

Before you visit a PG, have all your options open. It might be that the property doesn’t wind up being really like the property dealer said, or the photographs don’t resemble what appeared on the site. If you have a well-researched set of options, you can scout around much faster and not have to compromise on where you want to stay.

Study the Area Before Moving In

Check the area around thoroughly, make sure that it isn’t isolated. One should move to an area that is a bit happening. In times of problematic situations, isolated areas may not be well-protected, lack basic amenities that one needs around like a market, emergency facility, restaurant, public vehicle, etc. A spot should be especially well-connected so you are not stuck in a stressful situation.


The place you stay in should be well-connected, especially in terms of public transportation so you don’t have to spend a pocket-burning sum each time you commute. Good transportation, that can be accessed even at odd hours, is a savior especially when you are hard-pressed for time or live a little away from your place of study/work.

Inquiry is Important

Enquire before you move into the house, and the best people to give you a good view are inhabitants of the place you want to move in or neighbors who can give you an idea about the PG.  They can help you form a view not just about the house but about the landlord as well. Similarly, getting a hold of online reviews is a good place to start forming expectations of the place you choose.

Check the Amenities

Do check the things referenced in the agreement, At times, owners promise you certain things and may leave them out in the final agreement. Make sure you are provided with the basic necessities like food, housekeeping, power back-up, laundry, and various things that have been settled upon by you initially.

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