Gold is probably the most common and popular metal. Latest gold designs are going to enhance the Indian market with a rising trend for the coming years. In the case of Maharashtrian jewellery, the amount of business creates a significant impact on the jewellery market of the whole country. Are you looking for newest & coolest Gold designs for coming years? Let’s check out top 5 trending gold designs to buy in 2020 & beyond.

The top five trending Gold designs are -:

  • Gold Mangalsutra :

If you are an aspiring bridegroom, then you are perhaps looking for Mangalsutras. From black beads to variations in the pendant, from Kohlapuri style to Peacock Maharashtra, from Stone studded vaalai to Temple style jewellery – the market is full of variety & versatility. Whereas, the most popular design can be Karthamani Pathak which is made both of gold & silver, and even a combination of both the metal.

[Make sure you checked the BIS mark before buying a gold mangalsutra.]

  • Design 2 – Mohan mala :

Mohan mala, two sets of jewellery pieces, are the most commonly used in Indian culture. It’s going to be an exclusive gold design for 2020.  This two-layered gold-beaded design with a variety of lengths has been considered as the most glamorous commonly used ornament for Indian women.

  • Design 3 – The Thushi :

This ornament is adjustable, fashionable, much comfortable to wear with convenient tassels. Thushi has an elaborative look with a unique choker pattern. It’s going to be a trending ornament mainly for semi middle class or middle-class family women for upcoming years.

  • Design 4 – The Vaaki :

The Vaaki is the most popular armband or arm jewellery in the market. This ornament has a gorgeous & glamorous outlook. A 24-carat Vaaki is made with a combination of both studded stones & gold wires. This arm ornament is a part of rich traditional culture. Unlike the others, this one is an arm-accessory. The Vaaki is very much significant to Maharashtrian jewellery community.

  • Design 5 – A Nath :

A nath is mainly a part of a religious tradition. This ornament has an impact on Pujas & Festivals. ‘Nath’ is a popular term in Hindu mythology. It is a nose ring. In Hindu culture, the nose ring is a symbol of being married. This is made of pearls; in addition to that, it also has different stud colours like Pink and White to enhance the beauty & the appeal of pearls.

So, these are top 5 trending gold designs to look out for 2020 and beyond. Though the list can be endless but this list will give you an idea about the latest arrivals of gold designs.

Real gold is a tangible asset, it does not need any maintenance or proper fertilisation, it can be hacked or erased. It can be assumed that increasing value and global demand for gold in 2020 will make it profitable for long term investment.

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