The acrylic sheet is the most qualified product of acrylic composition. PMMA is commonly known, plexiglass as its another name. Acrylic has high transparency, which gains it the reputation of “plastic crystal”. Its excellent weather resistance feature also allows it to be especially used outdoors. Then you might wonder what’s been so amazing with acrylic sheet? Let’s take a look at the it in the following content.

Advantages of acrylic

  1. It has excellent weather resistance and acid-base resistance, without turning yellow or hydrolyze due to long-term sun or rain.
  2. Long life span compared with other materials and products. Its life span is more than three years.
  3. Good light transmittance. The lights could be penetrated at up to 92%. The light intensity required is small, saving the electric energy.
  4. It has strong impact resistance, almost 16 times of ordinary glass, which makes it suitable for installation in the area with the particular need for safety.
  5. Excellent insulation performance, ideal for all kinds of electrical equipment.
  6. It weighs light itself, half lighter than the ordinary glass, and the load borne by buildings and supports is small.
  7. Bright colors and high brightness are competitive with other materials.
  8. It has strong plasticity, a significant change in modeling, and secure processing.
  9. The growing awareness of environmental protection recognizes the high recovery rate.
  10. It’s easy to maintain, easy to clean. The rain can be cleaned naturally, or use soap and a soft cloth to scrub.

Acrylic sheet specification

The thickness of the acrylic plate is ranging from 1mm to 8mm.

General specifications include:



According to different thicknesses, different products can be customized.

How to choose an acrylic board

1.Observation: when purchasing, it is necessary to observe whether there is serious fading of the plate or the glossiness is not high enough to be transparent. If yes, it means that the acrylic quality is not good enough. 

Another relatively simple observation method is: compare the instruction manual of acrylic to see if it is consistent with the actual situation of the acrylic plate. If it is inconsistent, it can roughly decide whether the acrylic plate is irregular.

2.Touch: color, pores, thickness, etc. should be considered when selecting materials. The surface is bright in color, with a sense of clotting on the touch. Look carefully to see if there are any small pores on the surface. If there is a sense of lime on the surface, look carefully to see if there are some small pores. Such materials contain more calcium and have poor toughness, so it is not recommended to use.

Some more tips on acrylic sheet

  1. The acrylic plate shall not be stored in the same place with other organic solvents, let alone in contact with organic solvents.
  2. During transportation, the surface protective film or protective paper shall not be scratched.
  3. It can not be used in the environment with a temperature over 85 ℃.
  4. When cleaning the acrylic plate, only use 1% soapy water, dip the soft cotton cloth with soapy water, and do not use a hard or dry wipe; otherwise, the surface will be easily scratched.
  5. The thermal and cold expansion coefficient of the acrylic plate is substantial, and the expansion gap should be reserved due to the temperature change.

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