Brooklyn was once home to the Canarsie Native American tribe which were people who fished and farmed. Dating back to 1794, Brooklyn was a little village with a total of around 100 homes which were scattered along the shore without any plans. Brooklyn is located across the East River from Manhattan and in the early years it was the transportation route for food that was frown on Long Island. Brooklyn’s growth was largely owing to New York City’s growth. Later on, in 1801 the US navy launched a shipyard on Wallabout Bay. Four years later, a steam-ferry service began operating across the east river and this allowed businessmen to reside in Brooklyn Heights and travel to work daily.

More about Brooklyn

Between 1840 and 1845 the population in Brooklyn had doubled to almost 80 000 which was largely due to the wave of immigrants of Europe. By 1855 almost 50% of the total number of occupants in Brooklyn were foreign born. By 1860 Brooklyn became the third largest city in the US and another batch of immigrants arrived in Brooklyn in 1880. At the end of the 19th century, the population of Brooklyn was over 1 million with about 30% being foreign born.

The 20th Century

At the beginning of the 20th century Brooklyn experienced a growth explosion. There were so many new bridges, trolleys, subway lines which connected with the outer reaches of the city. The Williamsburg bridge and the Manhattan bridge were completed in 1903 and 1909 respectively. The rural areas of Brooklyn began to fade away as the city developed more and more.

Post-War Brooklyn

For many years Brooklyn was the main source of the country’s industrial needs but by the 1950s Brooklyn’s industrial energies began to slow down. Manufacturing plans began moving to other cities as they searched for affordable rentals and the terminals and ports in Brooklyn began to quieten down. In 1966 the navy yard became New York’s first historic landmarked district, together with other high-rise developments in town.

Brooklyn today

Brooklyn is the most populated areas in New York City with around an estimated 2,6 million residents in 2017. It is also known as the fourth largest city in America and has NYC’s fastest growing boroughs. One in every five homes in Brooklyn has a median income of about $100,000 annually. Brooklyn is also known for having the most housing units with about 58000 apartments in Brooklyn. Newcomers and students have the option of seeking shared apartments to save of accommodation costs when living in such a fast growing and largely populated area such as Brooklyn. You will find more details about these co-living spaces online, which offer great amenities and use of all appliances and anything else that you may need. All you will have to do is share an apartment with a few other people and share communal areas like the kitchen, toilet and living room.

Although Brooklyn has evolved so much and become such a popular destination for people, there are many ways for newbies to make it in such a fast paced city.

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