Do you know what windchamp is? It is nothing but a decorating item which is used in houses for decoration in front of doors and windows. The decorating item windchamp has different names in different countries. In Jewish it is known as Mezuzah. The Jews use to decorate their doors with this silver mezuzah.

There are two parts that are consisted in mezuzah. The parchment part of the mezuzah is made by the use of Hebrew that is taken from the Torah. Inside the mezuzah case the parchment and the mezuzah are kept. On the right hand side and on the top part of the doorway the case is attached, keeping the mezuzah tilted towards the room.

Know about kosher mezuzah

Inside the kosher mezuzah it is contained with kosher scroll. It is turned into a scroll by an expert. The expert scribbles the scroll by mezuzah scriptures. The expert has to follow certain rules that are given by the law for writing the scriptures. The writing must be in an orderly manner such that it reveals some intention. The scroll inside the mezuzah kosher must not be tampered with anything.

Not even a crack must be there on the scroll. There must be clear picture of each and every letter on the scroll. In other words it must be prominent. Repeatedly if you want to transform a normal scroll into a kosher, the complete writing must be written by hand. ‘Sha-dai’, popularly known as “Guardian of the doorways of Israel” is printed on the other side of the scroll. Basically ‘Sha-Dai’ is a Hebrew word.

The purpose of using Mezuzah

The Jews fixes the Mezuzah at their doorways, for this reason the religious ones are the first to touch them and also kisses their hands while entering and leaving the house. This process is repeated as many times as they pass the mezuzah.

Why mezuzahs are used in doors only?

It is for some definite reason that the Jewish uses silver mezuzah. They write scripts on the mezuzah placed on their doorways in a belief that there will be blessing of good wishes of Lord on them every time they pass the doorway. They can also kiss the mezuzah while passing the doorway such that a piece of luck is sprinkled over them

Can Silver Mezuzah be gifted to anyone?

Are you thinking to gift something to your friend on some special occasion? Then don’t to gift them with silver mezuzah. In reality, the house owners prefer to buy mezuzah on their own as there is an involvement of spiritual concept. The concept is by the use of mezuzah they will get the blessings and good wishes of God. Its better not to gift mezuzah as it’s a sign of goodness and is also a very personal gift that is handed by parents to their children and vice-versa. If you are not in a close relationship with anyone then throw away the idea of gifting somebody with mezuzah.

Hope you have understood the use of mezuzah and the process involved in making a mezuzah.

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