Did you know that over 40 million Americans move at least once?

Moving to a new location can be stressful, especially if you own lots of things. Without a reputable local moving company’s help, you’ll feel lost and confused. This can lead you to forget or lose things as you make your move.

Don’t panic yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn about how to choose local moving companies. That way, your next move will be secure and go without a hitch. Read on and find out more:

  1. A Good Local Moving Company Takes Inventory

When looking for a reputable moving company, make sure they take an inventory of your belongings. This will allow them to know how much everything weighs. The people they send to estimate must be thorough, checking storage locations like garages, drawers, cupboards, and bookcases.

This is important because the weight of your belongings plays a major role in determining your moving price. It’s also a good indicator of the trucks’ size necessary to make the move possible. To avoid potential troubles, you must understand how they arrived at this estimate.

  1. Check Their Thoroughness

Before you pick a moving company to work with, track their working pattern. The staff must do a walk-through immediately to ensure the right estimates. Professional movers will always ask questions related to your location, date of move, the weight of each item in your inventory, and more.

They will inquire about your current and future locations. Another good sign is if they ask about the things you’ll donate to charities and the ones you’ll sell in a yard sale. Regardless, it’s better to support local moving businesses like this one here.

  1. Avoid Paying a Large Down Payment

The BBB gets an average of 13,000 complaints and negative reviews about moving companies annually. To avoid getting scammed, ensure that your mover isn’t asking for a large deposit of cash before the move. Reputable movers will only ask for payments after they finish the job without complaints.

Advance payments always make trouble, regardless of where you do it. If you pay this way, you won’t have control over your belongings getting delivered. Use a credit card if you insist on paying before the move since it can protect you from fraudulent activities.

  1. Suspect Companies That Switch Names

Always avoid working with a moving company using various names. It’s because these companies use this tactic to avoid BBB assessments. To make it safer, look for a company with local addresses instead.

To ensure its reputability, look for information related to their insurance and licensing. Company employees must answer all their hotlines using the company’s complete business name. Also, read various reviews of their previous customers to gauge their service level.

  1. Look for References

Another method of discovering a reputable moving company is to ask your family and friends. Most of the time, people with prior experience working with these businesses are more vocal about their experiences. It matters not whether it’s positive or negative.

When dealing with a moving company, you can ask them for references. Get a customer list specifically within your current area and contact them for an interview. Never hesitate and ask them about how they fared with the movers.

  1. Save Money on Packing Cost

You might think that you’re saving money if you pack your belongings since you need not pay the packaging cost. But the drawback of doing this is that the mover won’t take responsibility for damages unless they pack the items themselves. That’s why it’s okay to splurge a little and pay extra for both packaging materials and boxes.

When you opt for the movers to pack your items, ask how experienced they are. This will help you determine whether they’re capable of carefully packing your things. Reputable movers will always use specialized boxes and materials to ensure the safety of each item.

  1. Avoid Extra Fees

Are you moving to a two-story house or a 12th-floor apartment? If so, your moving company will charge extra for these special circumstances. This also applies when you live in a narrow street since the movers must work harder to deliver your stuff.

Most of the time, you’ll expect a surcharge when movers use a smaller delivery truck to transfer your items. That’s why you must always be transparent about potential situations surrounding your move. That way, you can compare prices and see whether particular movers ask for extra fees.

  1. Avoid a Blank Moving Contract

One of the biggest mistakes you’ll make when picking a moving company is to sign a blank moving contract. Always do your best and get all things in writing, like extra fees and other estimated fees made by your mover. The contract must also include both delivery and pick-up dates.

Before you sign any contracts, read the fine print since this ensures everything is there. If you sign a contract without reading what working with them entails, you might end up getting scammed. For example, if your inventory didn’t include your television and you signed the contract, it will be impossible to make a claim later.

  1. Stay Away from Guaranteed Quotes

Most moving contracts can vary between three types of estimates: non-binding, non-binding to overdo, and binding. With a non-binding estimate, the moving company has no means of asking beyond 10% above their estimate. In most cases, this quote allows thirty days of delivery before paying overages.

A non-binding to overdo estimate eliminates the need to pay overages. It means the estimate is all they need for their services. As for binding estimates, you get a guaranteed price for services and extras.

Work With a Moving Company Today!

These are tips you must follow if you’re looking for a local moving company to work with. Use these tips to ensure your next move is trouble-free.

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