Hiring professional commercial painters for your business is a great idea to bring your business to life. A fresh coat of paint works not only for residential properties but can similarly freshen up an entire workspace. Experienced paint coating companies not only love to bring life into office environments yet also love to spice up factory appearances!

No matter how big or small a project is, professional commercial painters can handle the workload. From patching old and worn walls, enhancing the look of a space with a new colour, to ensuring safety with warehouse floor marking paint. Here are nine reasons you should hire a professional commercial painter.

  1. Business Rebranding with A Professional Commercial Painter

Rebranding can freshen up and modernise your business in Sydney; this may include a new logo, website launch, updating your brand’s theme, or a social revamp. However, nine times out of ten business owners forget an essential rebranding element, which is painting. Professional Sydney painters can assist in rebranding your business to ensure a more engaging street appeal which will attract more clients to your business.

  1. Change The Layout of Your Business Premise

Your business may be restructuring the layout of its business premises, moving around machinery to increase efficiency, decrease foot time and maximise space. Although when rearranging your factory floor or commercial space, central problems can arise, which promote hiring professional commercial painters.

For example, you move a desk and notice the wall paint has faded or peeled. Perhaps you’re moving around factory machinery, and the warehouse floor marking paint has faded or peeled.

Industrial warehouse owners should be concerned with such low-quality paint problems, which not only has adverse effects on business aesthetics but can cause dangerous health issues and negatively impact the mood of employees. During restructuring a business layout, an enterprise may also need to redo floor marking paint for truck guidance lines or machinery safety lines.

  1. How Frequently Should I Repaint My Commercial Property?

To maintain a fresh-looking business exterior, reputable paint coating companies should suggest a new coat every 1-2 years, as this is the best long-term timeframe to ensure a modern and clean look for your commercial building. Better yet, professional commercial painters have project management skills to ensure the commercial painting project is completed on budget and on time.

Professional commercial painters can even organise work to be completed during the holiday breaks, over school holidays, Christmas, and New Year, to ensure the job doesn’t interrupt company processes too much. After all, there is no better way to start a new year of work than entering a brand-new feeling factory or office.

  1. What Colour Should I Paint My Commercial Business?

When selecting the best paint colour for your commercial project, it is tricky to get the right balance between a regular safe colour and a colour that makes your business stand out. But hiring professional commercial painters comes with the perk of expert colour knowledge and the ability to colour-match thousands of colours to get the exact colour you’re after. Paint coating companies can tailor the perfect exterior paint colour for your business to maximise the full potential of your building as a marketing tool and drive potential customers to your company.

  1. To Express the Mood of Your Business

Did you know different colours express different emotions to humans? Yellow is known to promote optimism; red is known to express excitement, and so on. Therefore, the mood and or feeling you’re looking to display to your customers, clients or even employees can be matched with a simple coat of paint by professional commercial painters.

  1. Be In Line with Current Regulations

Long before the 2000s, many buildings were painted using lead paint, which can release hazardous lead dust into the air when renovated, repaired, or worked on. Well informed commercial painters in Sydney can safely clean and dispose of the lead paint, following stringent environmental guidelines, industry practices, and health regulations. Your professional commercial painters will be aware of the laws in your local area that may vary when it comes to maintaining your property.

  1. Paint Coating Companies Will Save Business Owners TIME and MONEY

We all know the old saying that still stands today: time is money, which is correct on many levels and hiring a commercial painter for your business is a great way to save time and money. If you were thinking of a DIY approach to painting your commercial business, this could have many implications.

You may not have access to high-quality wholesale paints and may not have the experience necessary to undertake the task, therefore, leaving you with more work, time and money wasted in the long run.

For example, professional commercial painters can suggest protective coatings such as UV-resistant paints that prolongs paint quality in direct sun exposure or low-VOC paints which have no impact on indoor air quality.

  1. Undergo The Correct Prep Work

Reputable paint coating companies offer many types of prep work suitable for a variety of surfaces and Sydney’s unpredictable weather. As a commercial owner, it is crucial to ensure the correct prep work is applied to maximise the life and quality of your paint.

For example, some commercial buildings require sandblasting before the paint coating company can apply any paint. Also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting is a restoration painting process that involves spraying abrasive sand particles at high pressures onto a surface, most often used to remove old paint, coatings, corrosion, and impurities. Professional commercial painters also use sandblasting to make a smoother surface or roughen one that’s already smooth to prepare the surface for painting.

  1. Hiring A Graffiti Cleaning Business

Removal of graffiti or hiring a graffiti cleaning business is a no brainer. Graffiti can give off an unwanted business image to your potential customers and even steer some clients away!

Graffiti cleaning businesses see many business owners try DIY approaches, which can sometimes come across as patchy and even worse than the graffiti itself! To ensure your seamless graffiti removal, it is in any business owners’ best interest to hire a graffiti cleaning business when removing graffiti and vandalism.

Ready to get started on your painting project? Ensure your business can enjoy the many benefits of a fresh coat of paint with professional commercial painters.

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