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For most people, a new year means a fresh start. It’s no different for homeowners or bonafide interior design fanatics. A redone space or a revamped room is the perfect motivation to begin 2019 with a breath of fresh air. Thankfully 2019 brings in new home interior trends that scream diversity and ooze coziness. Take a peek at which designs would suit your personality best!


  • “Living Coral” Statement Pieces

Pantone—a company known for its Pantone Matching System—announced late 2018 that Living Coral is the shade for 2019. A vibrant but non-intimidating color, many 2019 home interior trends are incorporating it into their designs. In fact, coral is a great way to inject a statement piece in a rather subdued room.

By adding a pop of color with a coral couch, or creating an accent wall with a coral shade, any space instantly gives a zest of character. If an accent wall is too much, try swapping it out for wallpapers that have dues of coral in it. This is less of a commitment but still serves as a great conversation piece.


  • Playful Patterns

This year, mixing patterns isn’t a faux pas. In fact, contrasting patterns is a trend that interior designers are eyeing for 2019. Interior Designer Alison Pickart tells apartmenttherapy.com that mixing even mismatched patterns can exude and put a spin on old world styles. She puts it as “English country meets Parisian.”

If this design intimidates you, look for patterns that are quite minimal and another that is busier. The combination of both becomes a great balance to an area. Try making the rest of the furniture of bedding much more mute to sustain more flow.


  • Wicker Lamps

Sleek and chic still runs through 2019 interior trends, but wicker is definitely claiming its spot. In fact, wicker lamps are a frequent sight to see when you enter a revamped space based on this year’s trends. It’s a great addition to bohemian, English country, or rustic spaces. Instead of the traditional accent wicker baskets, it’s a great twist in incorporating the texture to another home fixture.


  • Touches of Terrazzo

A flooring material that is a mixture of marble and granite will pave way for this year’s trend. In fact, this isn’t limited to flooring any longer some homeowners and designer are incorporating this to accent walls too. The complex and random pattern draws the eyes but is airy and light enough to serve as a base floor or backdrop wall. 

A funky way to pull off Terrazzo is to look for Terrazzo tiles that have played with color. While there are more hues involved, it’s a less tacky way of tapping other shades of the color spectrum.


  • Candid With Copper

A great way to break the monotonous pattern of space is by chiming in a bit of copper. A great alternative to the typical gold or silver trinkets at home, copper is more complex. The natural-looking metal is also friendly enough to jive in millennial and dynamic-designed spaces or more masculine and muted rooms. 

If copper figurines or lamps are a bit too cliche for your liking, you may want to check out the store for copper furniture. They double as an art piece too.


  • The 90%-10% Concept

If you’re in a rut about how to mix up the different pieces and colors in your home, Jon Call of Mr. Call Designs shared a great tip with Elle Decor. It creates a foundation of 90% base color for them room—preferably white—And smartly adding only 10% of color to it. This method shows more concentration to textures and colors and really allows visitors and anyone in the home appreciate the louder details.


  • Crisp As Concrete

Color and softer textures may be having its moment but solid and masculine decors are not out of the picture. In fact, hints and accents of concrete have become a much celebrate trend and looks like it’s not stopping any soon this year. 

For more of a commitment, raw concrete floors or walls have become a staple, especially in contemporary designs. Left with its natural slate gray finish, the unfinished look gives more of an appeal. However, even concrete furniture such as dining tables proves that this accent can take over just about any room in the house.


  • Statement Ceilings

Statement walls and furniture are nothing new when it comes to design, and while this specific feature may also be quite dated, its return is fancier than ever. Statement ceilings are the new must-have in any home. It’s a great way to tie in the different color schemes of a room and give the illusion of a taller space. Inspired and popularized during the 20s, the design practice can easily be done with paint or wallpaper. Now, more than lighting fixtures and crown moldings, the ceiling serves just as much of a decor space as the rest of the room.


  • Eco-friendly Everything

More than just aesthetic, more and more designers are being conscious of what they purchase for themselves and clients when designing a space. Which is why eco-friendly and handmade decor pieces have taken lightly. Artisanal furniture of even live plant walls are just common choices that can spruce any nook and cranny. A great practice picked up this year, this looks like a home interior practice that may even surpass 2019.

We all may have New Year’s resolutions to fulfill, but it can’t be denied that a fresh, clean and personalized space can do wonders for our productivity and the clarity of our minds. To add a punch of motivation and gist of excitement for the year, why not move around some furniture and slap a bit of paint of the wall to try out what fortune and contentment a new space can bring you.

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