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People who love to watch movies go to theatres or watch them on television. Watching movies in theaters is an awesome experience but it is costly and watching movies on television is boring there are too many ads in between. If people want to watch movies free of cost and with free or no ads, they can go online as there are many legal and illegal websites which allow the people to watch movies online or download them. One of these sites is It is better to watch or download movies from legal sites so that users do not face any legal issues. Here is the list of some of these websites.

The main feature of this website is the quality of the videos. People can watch a lot of movies on this website in HD and 4K quality. The neat directory present on the website helps to search the desired movie easily. The movies can be searched according to genre and rating.


This is a good website for downloading Watch free movies online. Though there are ads in between, they are few in numbers and are very short. So users will not face any irritation while watching movies. The streaming can be done in the HD or 1080p quality. Streaming movies from this website is free of cost.


This website is considered as one of the best websites as users can watch or download movies in the HD quality. Besides movies, users can also watch many TV series. Users just have to click the movie or the TV series and the video will start streaming immediately. The website includes Hollywood movies and the movies of other countries also.

Yify Movies

Yify TV is a website where users can stream movies with HD quality. The video quality available on this website is of 720p or 1080p. Besides movies, TV series and shows are also available on this website. There is a directory in which movies are sorted according to genre and titles and users can select the movie of their choice.


This website has a huge library of movies. Along with it, users can also watch TV series and other videos too. The available videos are related to sports and documentaries. Users just have to select the desired video and click the play button.

Cosmo Tube.CO

Users can use navigate to this website to watch these movies which are recently released. Along with it, users can also find those movies, which are hit on box office.TV series and shows are also available for free and users can watch them without paying a penny.

Users who want to stream movies on their tablet and mobiles can visit this website. The user interface of this site is simple and easy to use. Users can find movies, which are arranged according to the genre, country of production, popularity, or time of production. Users do not have to register on their website. They just have to navigate to the website and click their desired movie to watch or download it.


Vimeo is a website where people can find media of premium quality. The website has a huge library of 60,000 movies and TV shows. Users can stream them without paying any money. This huge collection is organized in such a way that users can easily find their desired movies and TV shows and watch them.

Movie Ninja

This movie-streaming website is free from ads and also there is no need to register on the website to watch the movie and other content. There are many popular movies available on this website. Besides movies, users can also watch TV shows. Users will also not find any irritating pop-ups and also there is no need to share any credit card or bank details.


This is a movie-streaming website where much data is not consumed while streaming a movie. The movies and TV series available on this website are arranged in such a way that users can easily find the required content and stream it.

Final Conclusion

These are a few websites, which users can visit to watch or download movies. No registration is required to download the movies. The movies are categorized so users can find their desired movie easily.

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