Headlines are vital because they help us decide whether to invest our time in reading something or not. So if you’re message is worth sharing then you’ve got to work a little to earn your readers attention. While there’s an art to writing headlines, you don’t need to be an artist to master it.

  1. Find keywords

Consider the who and what of the article. The headline should have the keywords that tell a potential reader what the story is about because these words are out the audience is looking out for.

  1. Limit yourself to a few words.

Imagine you had to tell a friend about the article is in a few words, what would you say to them? With those few words in mind start to craft a title. The shorter, the better nobody has time to read headlines that go on for days.

  1. Grab peoples attention

Tap into the “what’s in it factor”, People want to be informed about the trending topics. Get a new angle to a controversial issue relating it to your blog; it could be controversial issue. Take a look at your story and make sure you get those people to care about your story.

  1. Four U’s.

The Four U’s are words to remind us of the characteristics that the best headlines share.

  • Unique,
  • Useful
  • Ultra-specific
  • Urgent

Let’s start with unique. Your headline can’t stand out if it looks and sounds like all the other headlines your reader encounters in the course of a day. Think about what you can do to be a little different. Is it infusing your headline with personality?

Give them a promise of useful information promise in the headline do not waste their time, do not use teasers give them what the more information that they to need.

Do not try to be all things to all people do not be afraid to get specific so that the people that genuinely need your information get to read it. They will go away anyway if they do not want to read it speak the language of your ideal audience.

Give it an urgency note let them read your article now. Convince the audience that they need the information right now. Cut it down to few words it should be clear straightforward.

  1. Make the headline engaging

Write headlines that draw out a reader that is filled with drama and excitement;

Present a Conflict giving the reader a solution.

Prominence people like what they know.

Timeliness right now, this week, five reasons why you should have a website.

  1. Use vibrant language

Show the reader that you put in the word choose surprising words that loop them in.

  • Use conversational language
  • Alliteration
  • Get the play on a familiar phrase

Playful language can be used to draw in a reader this shows that you value their time and are will to work for it.

  1. Avoid clickbait headlines

These are headlines that promise one thing and give different information in their body. It is a dirty trick to get as many clicks to a website as possible usually leaves the reader disappointed, even irritated by your website. It is very likely that they will never come back to your site because your content is not trustworthy it is very dangerous to your brand.

Believe in your content; if you have something valuable to say, respect your readers and want them to come back someday and read you again, then the goal isn’t just to catch readers’ attention.

  1. The answer to a question headline is no

there’s an adage known as Betteridge’s Law of Headlines, named after a British technology journalist that states, “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered with the word no.” Most readers have figured out that when headlines end in a question mark, they’re peddling something that isn’t true. For example, Could This Pill Be the End to the Common Cold? Not likely. The best headline does not sacrifice stance in the name of attention

Finally, put all the tips to write the best headlines using attentive words. Headlines that keep your audience guessing should have prominence, familiarity, timeliness, and conflict. Make your content stand out with a killer headline.

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