6 Best DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

A personalized gift for a boyfriend for his birthday is something that will make him happy – especially if you decorate it with a unique, personal dedication. It is she who will make your gift for a boyfriend a particularly nice souvenir for him!

Choose from hundreds of gift ideas for a boyfriend for birthdays and other occasions like personalized sun loungers, bottle carriers, motivational mints, and posters with your photos. It’s a sea of unlimited possibilities with the guarantee of one thing – that your birthday gift for a boyfriend will turn out to be a bull’s eye.

That is why a good idea to surprise your love on each of these special dates is to bet on personalized gifts, which for sure will always be unique and will convey your love! It was to help you choose that we separated some personalized gift tips that you can give to your boyfriend at any time. Check out!


A personalized mug with a photo of the two of you and a cute phrase is a very special and useful gift. With it, your boyfriend will be able to have coffee and other drinks he likes, whether at work, at home, or anywhere. And it will always remember you when you do that! Oh, don’t forget to put some goodies and some chocolates inside to complete the gift! 


The card is a classic gift and fits any occasion. Our tip is that you make it the main gift, investing in a beautiful photo and a phrase, poem, or song that represents something important for both of you. But, of course, if you prefer, the card can be a complement to the customized gifts for boyfriend, composing a very special surprise!


If your boyfriend is one of those who loves to decorate the room with significant objects, he will surely love a poster to put on the wall. You can choose a very romantic photo of the two of you, make a portrait of yourself especially for him to admire, or even a beautiful landscape that the two of you visited together. The possibilities are many!

  Cell phone case

Nowadays, nobody leaves home without a cell phone anymore. How about taking advantage and giving him a new cell phone case personalized with a couple of photos? In addition to protecting your phone against falls, it will be another way for it to remember how much you love each other!

 Photo album

Photos are always great options for gifts, as they eternally preserve the most significant moments in our lives. Therefore, we suggest that you bet on a photo book with some of the most exciting records in your history. He will love to remember every moment by your side!

 Picture frame

Speaking of photos, we also have a classic that never dies: the picture frame! The cool thing is that there are several formats to choose from, with different themes, colors, and more. Then, just print the photos of the two of you together and personalize the frame. Easy to make and looks cute!

 Souvenir box

And finally, a very special suggestion that is great for dating birthdays, but also other occasions. You just have to choose a cute little box and fill it with printed photos and other memories that marked your relationship.

Here everything that you have saved is worth, such as tickets for a movie or show that you watched together, letters and tickets, among others. A great way to demonstrate that each moment was super striking and that you can’t wait to make new memories next to him!

For your sophisticated boyfriend

A modern, elegant, and self-assured man. If your partner fits this description, we have some suggestions that are sure to please you! The wine is a gift that, besides being chic, can be used for a romantic dinner for the two of you. And if he likes to take care of himself, a beard kit is perfect for ensuring smooth skin and a hydrated beard that looks amazing.


Did you like our personalized gift tips to give your boyfriend? These suggestions, as we speak, are suitable for any occasion, so take the opportunity to innovate with each gift and always surprise your loved one. Oh, and don’t forget to record the delivery of the gifts to remember later! To the next!

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