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When looking to make renovations to your home, we all have dreams like converting the basement into your own personal swimming pool and steam room. Then there are the more realistic home improvement ideas, like painting the walls and pulling up stained carpets.

Small and budget friendly changes can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your home as well as add value. Doing DIY home improvements can be really satisfying and you can have fun whilst doing it. If you give things the right amount of thought and preparation, nothing can go wrong.

  1. Tiles

Adding tiles in your home is an easy way to add colour and texture. They also help to promote a more polished and elegant feel in spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. Consider rectangular tiles, they are really making a comeback and give a nice brickwork effect. Take your time with tiling and be as precise as you can, you’ll find the end result very rewarding.

  1. Add mirrors

If it is not possible to add light and space in your home without an expensive loft conversion or kitchen extension, then cheat. Hang mirrors opposite windows to maximise the impact of the natural lighting and add space. You can make a cramped hall feel more specious by adding a mirror on either side of the wall.

  1. Re-carpet

Revamping your home with a fresh new carpet is an easy and relatively cheap way to give your place a spruce up. It’s essential if your current carpets are old or dirty. If your trying to add value to your home, 61% of house hunters said stained carpets where the biggest turn off and a further 53% expressed a dislike for 1970’s style carpets.

  1. Lay artificial lawn

Fake grass has an all year round fresh, green and healthy look. It requires very little maintenance and you can even say goodbye to mowing the lawn. If you have children, its super soft for them to play on and it will show good presentation to perspective buyers if you are trying to sell. It’s not a difficult job and you can both do it yourself or the company come and install within a day. Go here for more information.

  1. Use dark grout

In your bathroom, you can a clean and fresh look. There nothing worse that stains and lime scale in your bathroom tiles. Use a slightly darker grout on tiles to keep them looking fresh and avoid the grubby, mouldy look. You can also chuck away that bleach and toothbrush.

  1. Replace cupboards

Getting a brand new kitchen installed may look amazing, but it can be very costly. A cheaper way to revitalise your kitchen area is to just replace cupboard doors and worktops. Even just replacing taps and cupboard handles can spruce it up and make it look fresh.

  1. Fresh lick of paint

You’ll be surprised what a huge difference a fresh lick of paint can do. The best way to go if you are looking to add value to your house is neutral colours. It makes the space look bigger brighter and cleaner and allows potential buyers to imagine your house as a blank canvas. If you plan on staying in your home, add some personality to your walls buy adding in a brightly coloured feature wall or experimenting with unusual colours.

  1. Replace the front door

This is not often the first thing you would think of when you are looking to improve your home, however, it is the first thing that other people see when they come to your home. If it looks a little shabby, it can be the first impression for a visitor.

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