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Pregnancy is a beautiful and rather common phenomenon that happens to the majority of women on this planet. It helps one to prepare for a new role of life called mother. It changes her whole world, perception and of course body also. One can get the pregnancy confirmed with the help of ultrasound as well as sonography, but some common symptoms can also help one know that she has entered this phase now.

The swollen feet, increasing weight and missing periods are doubtlessly common symptoms that indicate pregnancy, but they are for later trimesters. Here are some common symptoms that make one judge the pregnancy without using the kit also.

  • Changing food habits: If one feels hungry unusually or loves to eat fruits with citrus, it leads to the possibility of a baby developing inside. The food item that usually may not be attracting one suddenly becomes a habit, and one cannot resist having them. Be alert; it’s a positive sign to have a pregnancy.
  • Cramping: If one gets frequent cramps it can also be a sign of However, there are also other reasons for this, and hence one cannot be much sure about it, but as the uterus has to stretch itself with the development f fetus, it is also a visible sign of pregnancy.
  • Swinging Mood: If one is happy before few minutes and moodless now, it can be a sign of pregnancy. Yes, due to hormonal changes this happens with every woman, and when it happens, one needs to get it checked if she is pregnant. However, here one must note that there are also other causes for a mood
  • Constipation: Despite all the dietary fiber in food and proper nutrition if one has to suffer from a digestive problem which results into constipation and bloating, be sure that she is pregnant. As the uterus develops with the fetus, it leads to pressure on the digestive system, and the hormonal changes also lead to the digestive problems which cause bloating and constipation.
  • Unusual smell: If one feels that she has become more sensitive to certain odors which others cannot such as the smell of food or clothes, it is due to pregnancy only.
  • Dizziness: For a female body, during pregnancy blood sugar can cause a lot of troubles. One may feel high or low sugar to such an extent that can lead to fainting. The dizziness is also common in these days, and hence one can make sure that she is pregnant.
  • Heartburn: The hormonal changes lead to valve between the esophagus and stomach that lead to heartburn. A heavy meal may lead to this problem immediately which is a visible sign of pregnancy.
  • Glowing skin: The hormonal changes lead to higher blood flow to the veins which results in extra glow to the skin.

These are some of the common signs that can make one know that she is pregnant without checking other options of pregnancy also. One just needs to observe her routine and body to know if she needs to prepare a room for a baby.


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