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Treatment of diaper rash in the initial stages includes careful skin care and the mandatory use of special ointments that create a resistant protective layer on the surface of the damaged area, penetrate the skin much deeper and restore it better. Alcohol disinfectant solutions are strictly prohibited for infants. When an infection is attached, specific therapy is required against the pathogen – antibiotics for bacterial complications, antibiotics for antifungal agents for fungal infections.

It is important to understand that home remedies have not been clinically tested, so their efficacy and safety have not been studied. If you are reading this article that means either you are a mother or going to be a mother. So, have you seen your cycle days? You can use the calendar days calculator so that you never miss the good news.

Here are 8 best home remedies for diaper rashes:


Powders are products based mainly on talc and starch. Their main function is the absorption of moisture, contact with which provokes inflammation of the skin. Most of the powders are designed to prevent diaper rash, but sometimes they add herbal extracts, anti-inflammatory or antibacterial components. In this case, they are used for the treatment of skin diseases.

“Air” your child

Yes, all you need is to give his body some air during the day. Literally, a couple of minutes works wonders. At first, this idea may seem stupid and wrong to you, why does your child have to lie with bare ass. However, it is strongly advised you to try it every day. Exposing sensitive skin to the air, and light sun rays kill the bacterial and fungal bodies by making the skin moisture less and, dry enough.

Cloth diapers

All the mothers who switched to fabric diapers, the amount of irritation, rashes and diaper rash just decreased. Cotton diapers serve as the most real rescuers, because after they entered the life of these children tightly. The incidents of all these troubles could be counted literally, although everything was much more difficult before.

Organic products for the treatment of diaper rash

Even fabric diapers do not help some children, despite the fact that they breathe very well. And then they come to the aid of funds made from natural plants and herbs. For example, Aloe Vera. It also works very well for skin burns, rashes and other injuries and irritations. It is strongly advised you to try this tool, you will not regret it. Organic product has no harmful chemicals. SO, this will be useful for your babies’ skin.

Breast milk

You will not believe it, but the mother’s breast milk also saves you from diaper rash, can you imagine? Carefully put a few drops of milk on dangerous places, and there is no irritation. You can also use any other milk, for example, magnesia. With the help of a cotton swab again, wipe all the irritating places, and everything will pass. Perhaps the whole point is that milk removes acidity, and therefore heals the overexposed skin.

Food allergy

Sometimes it happens that none of the ways to get rid of diaper rash work, and then it is worth thinking, is there any allergic process to blame? For example, orange juice is a very strong allergen and causes exactly the same irritation in many like ordinary diaper rash. So watch your baby very carefully, you may be able to identify any pattern and then immediately consult a doctor.

Special ritual

The best way to save diaper rash is the perfect adherence to all rules of hygiene. After you have rinsed your baby or wiped with napkins, let the baby cry a little. Next, apply a special cream that prevents the occurrence of diaper rash and already on top, you can sprinkle a little cornstarch. Starch absorbs all moisture, so there will be no excess moisture in the diaper. It also happens that for many kids there is only one tool left – a bath with baking soda. After you make such a bath for him twice a day, again let the baby dry out so as not to provoke another irritation.

Folk remedy – burnt flour

Yes, it sounds strange. However, it turned out that this tool really works against diaper rash. All you need is to heat some flour in a skillet until golden brown appears. After that, pour the resulting tool into a bowl and let it cool. When it cools down, put on the places prone to diaper rash, and very soon you completely forget about them. So, apply a small skin test on to your neck, chicks and, behind the years. If you feel comfortable then only apply it to the babies.

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