The cold winter months are times when most people prefer to stay huddled up in the house, beside a roaring fire and sipping on hot beverages. 

While the relaxation combined with maximum comfort and warmth can be decadent and enjoyable, the gross inactivity can have a less than favourable effect on the health status of a child. 

Although some activities are off-limits due to the freezing weather, there are various ways by which you can keep your kids active and help them burn energy while they are indoors. 

Listed below are seven ways to keep your kids busy inside while the temperature is freezing outside;

Exercise together

There are various techniques you and your kids can use to get active without leaving the comfort of your home. You can pop in an exercise video, get the whole family together and do a full work out. 

You can choose yoga, dancing, jumping jacks, squats, or any other activity that can be done indoors, as long as it is appropriate for all members of the family.

You can also decide to visit the gym or attend an exercise class together. Not only will your kids benefit from getting their heart racing, but the tedious work out can work wonders on their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Build a playground in your home

Bringing the elements of a playground into your home can help to ensure that your children get in a healthy dose of activity daily. 

You can build an obstacle course using household items like boxes, chairs, blankets and duct tape. 

Buying and installing fun indoor equipment such as indoor slides and climbing frames from My Happy Helpers will also help kids to use up some of their abundant energy from the comfort of your own home. 

Go to an indoor recreational centre

Get the family active and visit an indoor location that offers a wide variety of fun activities. 

Your kids can swim in a heated indoor pool, play a competitive game of tennis or basketball, play a round of mini-golf or get some exercise in the gym.

Play virtual games

Though they are video games, virtual reality games can get the whole family active and engaged. 

Seeing as these games are controlled by the movements of the body parts instead of a game controller, this is an excellent way to keep children active without leaving the house. 

Your child can play a game of boxing, show their skills in a dancing game or prove their musical prowess in a musical contest. 

Learn a skill

The long idle months can provide the perfect opportunity to learn and perfect a useful craft. The whole family will surely benefit from learning a new skill. 

Take up baking, quilting, sewing or basic paper crafts and ensure that your kids master them before the winter ends.

Join a sports team

If your child has an interest in sports but has been unable to join a sports team due to school and other constraints, this cold period is the perfect time for them to join a team.

Find a spot on a team that is in your area, suitable for your child and family-friendly. The whole family will most likely be attending your child’s games which is an excellent way to stay active.

Clean the house

The winter season when the whole family is around is a good time to do a deep cleaning of your home. 

Assign specific tasks to your children, ensure that everyone completes their duties for the day. You can also give them rewards to motivate them to continue doing their chores, thereby keeping them active for a significant period

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