Winters are all about astonishing festivities and never-ending fun. From Christmas to Halloween, every occasion brings the joy that almost everyone preaches for all year long. Apart from all the festivals, even the weather is ecstatic and enjoyable. But, there’s one thing about this season that might trouble you- dry skin. As the autumn ends, our skin begins to get scaly and dry. Due to the cold weather, our skin tends to get dehydrated often. Being the largest organ of the body, the skin requires utmost attention and care. Just applying the moisturizer twice a day won’t do the job. You must adhere to a strict winter skincare routine. Not just the winter skin products, you need to incorporate the natural creams in the regimen as well.

Achieve your skin goals without much trouble with the tips listed down below. Also, stay consistent in implying the same as the cold arrives.

Keep The Shower Duration Minimal

Staying under the warm showers for hours can be quite overwhelming. But, you must take care of the duration as well as the temperature of the water. As much as you love spending time under the showers, it might deteriorate your skin in the long run. Also, stay away from extremely hot water. Not only does it damage your skin, but it also makes the skin cells highly sensitive. If your skin turns red after washing hands with warm water, it’s way too hot. Consider adding some normal water to neutralize the temperature. 

The best kind of shower for your skin during the cold weather is a warm lukewarm shower. It rejuvenates your body and provides healthy skin. 

Increase The Frequency Of Exfoliation

Exfoliation makes you get rid of the dead skin cells that accumulate over some time. During winters, damage to the skin cells increases two folds. To tackle the accelerated rate, you must enhance your exfoliation routine. You can fetch a good quality exfoliation mask for this purpose. Use the mask at least twice a week for better results. Along with exfoliation, don’t forget to stick to scrubbing your face as well as hands. Not only will this remove the dead cells completely, but also make your skin hydrated and glowing. Exfoliate your face, hands as well as lips during the cold weather. Keep the skin smooth as well as lustrous even during the winters. In the end, moisturize well to remove the dryness of the skin and provide moisture in no time.

Remove Cleansers & Skin-Drying Elements

One thing that makes your skin extremely rough and scaly are cleansers. Whether it’s your favorite soap or shower gel, all of them contain chemicals that dry out your skin. Along with the cold weather, such cleansers can potentially harm your skin. So, the first thing you need to do is get rid of any soap or bathing gel during the cold weather. Further, stick to any moisturizing gel that’s specially made for the winter season. One such product is the skin for life manufactured by the leading skincare company. After using such gel or bathing creams, moisturize your skin well. That way, you can keep your skin healthy all year long. 

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen Ever

As the winter progresses, many people stop applying their regular sunscreen. This usually occurs due to the misconception that the intensity of sun rays isn’t much. But, in reality, what harms the skin are not the rays, but the UV radiation that the sun emits. To keep your skin away from the effects of UV radiation, sunscreen application is a must. Don’t keep the sunscreen away during winters. Even on no-sun days, apply a bit of sunscreen to decrease the effects of radiation. This will keep your skin glowing and slow down the aging process.

Wear Good Quality Winter Clothes

Did you know that even your clothes can irritate your skin and make it extremely rough? Woolen fabric tends to stick to your body, causing an increase in dryness and dehydration. Stay away from dry skin and wear cotton clothes underneath the woolen attire. Also, keep the woolen fabric as away from your skin as possible. Many people experience itchy skin after wearing winter clothes. Hence, it is always advisable to wear summer tees under the blazers or sweatshirts. Layering is another good way of maintaining the moisturization of skin all day long. 

Eat Nutritious Food & Maintain Healthy Skin

Apart from the regular creams and ointments, even certain foods can maintain your skin. One of the ingredients that work best for every skin related ailment is antioxidants. Always choose the creams that are rich in omega-3-fatty acids. Also, vitamin C enriched items can do wonders for your skin. Stay healthy and keep your skin winter-friendly with the right products and skincare. Adhere to regular skin regimen and moisturize as much as you can. Some foods that provide instant antioxidants are tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. Eat salads regularly and consume the vitamins. This will benefit your skin in the long run.

Drink Water Even When You Don’t Want To

Dehydration during the winter season can worsen your skin, making it extremely dry and rough. Only water can protect your body from the excessive scaly patches of skin. So, keep drinking as much water as you can. You might not feel like drinking water as the cold weather sets in. But, to maintain your body, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day is the basic necessity. So, drink water and achieve flawless skin in no time. 

Final Verdict

When it comes to staying healthy, your skin appears to be the most prone organ. Being the largest organ, it requires adequate nourishment and protection. And, the requirements increase during the winter season arrives. Along with regular moisturization, you need better exfoliation and care. Also, you must get rid of all the drying agents in your skincare regimen. Drink enough water and keep your body as well as mind well-nourished and salubrious. In the end, stick to the tips for accurate winter skincare and a better lifestyle.

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