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Losing a loved one can change your life in ways you never expected, mainly if the events were unforeseen. After a time, you may start to adjust to life without your loved one. Some people, however, stay in a state of denial. They may not want to admit how death is really hurting them. They may also be in denial that they need help. Here are 7 signs you need to see a grief coach. 

You’re depressed or even suicidal

This is a sign that you need to get help immediately. Grief can be overwhelming. It may also make you think you don’t want to move forward with your own life. If you are feeling this way, it’s time to get to a grief coach as soon as possible. 

You’re not taking care of yourself

An indication of depression, if you can’t manage to shower and brush your teeth every day, you need to go to someone to examine the problem. You need to be able to take care of yourself, and your grief counselor can help you slowly and surely get back to the basics. 

Addiction problems

It’s never normal to abuse drugs and alcohol. It’s especially problematic right after the loss of a loved one. If you notice that you are going especially hard or spiraling out of control, you need to get to the bottom of the problem with a grief coach. 

The thoughts about death won’t go away

It’s normal after you experience a loss to think about death and items that surround it. You may start to even think about it quite profoundly. However, if you have thoughts that simply won’t go away, it can be unhealthy. This focus on thinking can start to change your mood, affect your relationships, and get in the way of your responsibilities. 

Feeling guilt

Most people understand intellectually that they are not responsible for their loved one’s death. However, it’s hard to control emotions. You may continue to have feelings of guilt, even though you know you have nothing to feel guilty about.

Multiple losses in a row

One loss in your life is enough. However, multiple losses can start to pile up and weigh on your heart. It can take a huge toll, and you may not have the time while dealing with the details of everything and being there for others to deal with your own emotions about how things are going. Grief coaching can give you the opportunity to step back from the chaos and take a moment to focus on your health, both physically and emotionally. 

Others have expressed concern

Many people don’t see things clearly when it comes to themselves. You need to trust the people around you. When they notice something is off, listen to them. They may see something you don’t. They may also simply know the benefits of grief coaching can have for something going through a severe loss. If people close to you suggest getting help, you should take the advice. 

We all must inevitably experience loss in our lives. Your loved one would want you to take care of yourself and get the help you need. Talk to a counselor to see if it’s any benefit to you.  

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