Most PCO drivers rather ride around on a 7-seater PCO car than other models. Why? Because it fits more people! PCO drivers, who work in crowded areas or busy streets near train stations, airports, markets, etc., understand the importance of a 7seater.

Yes! 7-seater PCO cars are not as pretty as the 4- or 5-seater cars, but they are more efficient. How? The first thing worth mentioning is that they are cheaper to rent, which is a plus for the drivers. We intend to introduce some of the best and most popular 7-seaters to you to choose the right option.

Why PCO hire cars?

PCO car drivers earn an income via a flexible way through Uber or other driving app services. Look at this part, and you will see the advantages of driving a PCO rental.

1-It gives drivers the peace of mind that you do not have to handle the car’s paperwork, and you know that your vehicle is always up-to-date and ready for work.

2-You can change your mind and return the vehicle for more favorable terms.

3-You will always have a PHV license and insurance policy. 

Is 7-seater better than 4- or 5-seater PCO cars?

If you have decided to become a PCO car driver, you can think about what type of car you wish to rent. And if you are already a PCO car driver, you can consider changing your vehicle. But why should a driver choose a 7-seater?

A 7-seater PCO car is very popular since it simply fits more people in it. It is especially popular in busy areas like London. The only reason that some drivers hesitate to rent them is that there are fewer options, and they are not particularly stylish cars. Some might even think Bigger car, higher rent! This is a wrong assumption. Actually, 7-seaters come in a lower rental fee. This means that a driver can earn more tips and will be able to save more. 

Types of 7-seater PCO cars

There are two types of 7-seater PCO cars right now. They are either SUVs or MPVs.

1-SUV: This sport utility vehicle has the benefit of being technologically advanced. Drivers choose them because they have the features of an off-road car.

2-MVP: This multi-purpose vehicle is a very safe choice to drive around. It has comfortable seats and a big cargo space making it a great choice for driving families around. An advantage of MVPs over SUVs is that they are more affordable.

Popular 7-seater PCO cars

Imagine you have decided to choose a 7-seater over the 4-or 5-seater vehicle. What should you do now? Do not worry; we will introduce some of the most popular cars and models in detail so you can make a wise choice.

Toyota Prius

Are you tired of so much money you spend on fuels? This is crazy popular due to its fuel efficiency. This car has a hybrid model engine and a comfortable interior design, making it a great choice for divers. Drive All Green with Toyota Prius+ hybrid. When passengers sit in your car and do not have a sore back, they might tip better! 

Ford Galaxy

 As a driver, you want your passengers to have a comfortable trip. The inside of this car is so high-class. You can almost imagine a business meeting taking place in it! Ford Galaxy’s 7-seater PCO car is attractive for tourists who carry leakages. It also needs less fuel which will save you time and money. These cars also have low rental fees.

Volkswagen Sharan

 Volkswagen Company produces tiny but highly-advanced cars. However, this one has taken a different direction. Sharan is a spacious 7-seater PCO car, but do not worry about the costs. Its big size does not affect its expenses, and on the contrary, Sharan has low maintenance costs and an excellent fuel economy.

Mercedes EQB

 This is going to blow your mind. The Mercedes EQB has two electric motors and a 66.5kWh battery. This is a great choice for the drivers who worry about the diesel or petrol-powered engine demand in 7seaters. Do you know what is awesome about it? You can charge your vehicle in about 30 minutes and ride 150 to 200 miles.

Popular 7-seater PCO cars in London

There are many popular PCO cars in London. But in here based on the TFL’s statistics, the following are some of the most popular 7-seater PCO cars in London. 

Mercedes Benz Vito: This one is the top compliant new car which is technically not a 7-seater. When you are inside this car, you feel like a million bucks, which is why many people are attracted to it. It has nine seats. 

Nissan Leaf: This top electric PCO vehicle is the biggest selling electric car globally. You can see the reasons why PCO drivers should switch to electric vehicles.

Tesla Model 3: This one is super-hot right now, and we expect it to become the most popular one amongst PCO car hire drivers. However, not many drivers will be able to get their hands on it. This stylish car is a game-changer in its technologically advanced design.

Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid: This car is exempt from Congestion Charges and provides great fuel savings.

Note: If you are a PCO driver you can see how you can reduce fuel consumption here.


LOOk! There are other models and options that you can choose from other than the ones we suggested. We just wanted to give you a glimpse of the top 7-seater PCO cars here based on their efficiency, expenses, and rentals. 

In case you are in London and you wish to find a suitable 7-seater PCO, you can check this out. Why? Because they are more practical and spacious than 4- or 5-seaters. As a driver, you might get tired or sleepy! These vehicles allow you to take a quick nap before getting back on the streets and not waste time going back home for an afternoon nap.

Additionally, surveys show that PCO drivers who use a 7-seater car can earn more tips than regular vehicles. Remember to target the busy streets and drive around during peak hours to have the best outcome while driving a 7-seater. We hope that this article was helpful for you in choosing a suitable PCO car.


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