Did you know that adding an in-ground pool can increase property value by around 10%? Different types of water features such as ponds or fountains can also add to home value while improving the aesthetics of your house.

In this case, why shouldn’t you decorate your property with a water fountain? This is one of the most popular features for backyards and it can improve the level of comfort in your property. Keep reading to find out more about fountains for decoration and why you should add a water fountain in your yard as soon as possible.

  1. It Improves the Aesthetics of Your Property

A beautiful water fountain will attract all the looks when you are visited by family members or friends. It can act as the central visual element in your yard and improve the exterior decor.

Best of all, it’s also possible to customize your water fountain in various ways. For example, homeowners add lights under the water stream to create a wonderful display of color at night when the fountain is running.

You can also add a waterproof speaker somewhere under the fountain to play soft music in the background. These improvements don’t cost a lot of money but help you score great points when it comes to exterior design.

  1. Water Fountains Act as a Natural Humidifier and They Can Improve Air Quality

You might be able to tell when the air around your property is too dry, especially during hot summer months. Dry air can make breathing more difficult. A water fountain can prevent this problem as it acts as a natural humidifier.

On top of that, the water running through the fountain creates negative ions that absorb dust and other impurities from the air. The fountain doesn’t only add humidity to the air surrounding your property, but it also improves its quality.

  1. A Water Fountain Increases Home Value

As mentioned earlier, different water features, including a floating pond fountain, tend to add to home value, so your initial investment is protected when you try to sell the house. Even if you go for a small water fountain, this addition will still increase the value of your property by a few hundred dollars.

On top of that, home buyers are usually attracted by beautiful things added or displayed outside. For example, a beautiful lawn can make a property sell quicker. So does a water fountain or another type of water feature installed in your yard.

If you want to sell your house for more money and sooner, adding a water fountain might help you in this case. It will also improve your quality of living until you finally decide to sell the house.

  1. Enjoy a Relaxing Soundtrack Each Time You Read the News in the Morning

Many homeowners love to sit in a comfy chair and drink a cup of coffee in the morning while getting updated with the latest news. This is a wonderful experience and it can be enriched by the beautiful natural soundtrack produced by your water fountain.

Believe it or not, the gentle sound of water pouring into the fountain can have therapeutic properties. It might help you relax, feel better, even fall asleep if you lay down on a sofa.

This soundtrack is “played” naturally by the fountain, it doesn’t cost any money, and it can help reduce the noises of a busy city. When you want to enjoy a moment of silence, you just turn off the water pump and the water will stop running in the fountain.

  1. There Are Multiple Types of Water Fountains to Choose From

You might be happy to find out that you can find a high-quality water fountain on the market regardless of your budget. Some of them are compact and eye-catching. Other water fountains are more sophisticated and larger. In any case, most homeowners are able to find what they are looking for.

Ideally, you would begin by seeing a lot of water fountain designs. This will help you determine what you like. The next step is to set a budget and look in your yard for a good place to install a water fountain. The best place is somewhere close to your patio, so you can enjoy the beauty of your fountain while spending quality time outdoors.

Some water fountains have a traditional design, others have a more modern one. Some fountains incorporate materials such as stone and wood, others are made using glass and metal. See a lot of models and pick the one that matches your personality the best.

  1. Water Fountains Might Be Able to Attract More Wildlife

As a rule, life starts to appear where there is plenty of water. Our planet is the best example in this case. Following this principle, adding a water fountain in your yard will eventually attract more wildlife that will enhance the exterior decor of your property.

For example, a lot of colorful birds might come and sip a drop of water from your fountain. These birds usually sing beautiful songs and add a nice touch to your yard. Your pets might love playing with the running water in your fountain and this creates excitement and entertainment in your yard.

  1. A Water Fountain Might Make Your Property Look Larger

This is another good reason why you should add a water fountain to your yard. Fountains are usually higher than wider and this adds another dimension to your property. Family members and other visitors need to look slightly upwards to admire your fountain. This will make your entire yard look bigger and more inviting.

Now You Know Why You Should Add a Water Fountain to Your House

As you can see, a water fountain can offer so many benefits, not to mention that your investment is protected in the long run. Your job is to set the correct budget and pick the right water fountain. Don’t rush this decision because you’ll stick with the fountain for years to come.

To help you pick the right water fountain and discover more home improvement tips and tricks, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website.

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