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A decade ago, vinyl composition tile commanded 75% of flooring costs. Now, vinyl flooring is making a comeback because of all of the advantages it has to offer.

What are the advantages of vinyl flooring you ask? Read on to learn about 7 incredible benefits of vinyl flooring.

  1. Cost-Effective

One of the best benefits of vinyl flooring is that it is cost-effective. Because they last longer, yet display the same look as ceramic tile or hardwood floors, they are very desirable. If you are on a budget, luxury vinyl floors can still work for you.

  1. Attractiveness

Another one of the advantages of vinyl flooring is how visually appealing they are. There are a lot of choices you can choose from because of the variety of colors, patterns, and designs.

Vinyl flooring advantages don’t stop at just colors and patterns, you can find stone or wood printed flooring too. After your vinyl flooring has been installed, you won’t notice a difference.

  1. Comfort

Vinyl floors are more comfortable than other floor types because they are softer. The underneath felt layer makes the floor more flexible and comfortable on your feet.

Along with the felt layer, there is an added layer to protect the actual floor. While you enjoy comfort, your floor will be protected from scuffs and scratches.

  1. Durability

Vinyl tile has amazing durability that can work in any room. You can put vinyl flooring in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, basically wherever. Some vinyl flooring is just right for anywhere in your home.

A properly installed vinyl flooring can last 20 or more years. Vinyl tile manufacturers will also offer you a warranty that usually lasts 15 years or more.

  1. Easy Installation

Vinyl flooring is the easiest kind of flooring to install. They can even save you some time because you might not have to remove your old flooring. Some vinyl tiles can be installed on top of your existing floors.

This kind of flooring can also be installed over a subfloor. This makes it the perfect flooring for floors with cracks or movement.

  1. Easy Care

Low maintenance is one of the benefits of vinyl flooring that you’ll never get tired of. You can enjoy the beauty of luxury vinyl flooring without giving it special treatment.

The most maintenance you will need to provide is sweeping and mopping. Vinyl floors do not have to be waxed or scrubbed. These water-resistant floors require little effort to take care of.

  1. Less Noise

Laminate flooring can be very noisy especially in an area of the home that has a lot of traffic. In contrast, vinyl flooring can significantly reduce noise. This is largely due to the cushioned, flexible surface it offers.

Read more on luxury vinyl tile to see how it can benefit you in your home.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring Explained

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of vinyl flooring, you can find vinyl tiles that work for you. With many choices to choose from, you are sure to create the room of your dreams with amazing flooring that will last.

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