Today’s world sees dogs as a well trained domestic animal which assists in all the activities of its master. But, the ancestors of dogs were not domesticated animals. It is said that dogs are descendants of wolves and that’s the reason dogs are cleverer than any other domestic animal. Some owners are very fond of their dog and they can’t say ‘no’ to their dog at any moment. Especially, owners do this when they eat something different and award any treat to their dog. But doing so can greatly affect the health of the dog in various scales. In this article, let us discuss the tips to keep your dog fit and healthy without prone to any disease.

  1. Exercise

Physical exercise is needed to keep anyone health and this aspect is not confined only to humans. Exercises are healthy practices required for your dog to be healthy. Without proper exercise, your dog can soon become unable to move or jump due to obesity. Once your dog is prone to obesity, then reducing its weight shall be very tedious. So, in order to provide repeated workouts for your dog, you can follow certain tactics to keep your dog busy. Just climb you steps and throw a ball; ask your dog to pick it and come back to you.

Repeated walks and runs through the steps can trim the muscles of your dog and once your dog finds easy to do it you can increase the difficulty level. You can also take your dog for an outdoor walk which can make him feel refreshed. Using treadmills to train your dog can also provide best results. But, you have to practice your dog to get used up with the treadmill by giving treats. Once your dog is accustomed to the treadmill, you can increase the speed.

  1. Human food

Some people who don’t bother very much about their dog feed the dog with the common people food which is not good for the dog. Why is this so? This is because dogs and humans have different metabolism rates. Food items like grapes, resins, avocado, chocolate, garlic, onion, xylitol, sweeteners, etc can be consumed by a human, but they prove to be unhealthy for a dog to consume them. So try to habituate your dog to intake the food from their own bowl or an automatic pet feeder.

Also, there are certain commonly available human-friendly plants which should not be encountered by a dog at any time. When dogs engage with such food item and plants they will have to serious illness like renal failure, heart disease, anemia, excess drooling, inflammation, rashes, asthma, dermatitis etc. If your dog accidentally happens to encounter such items then contacting a veterinarian shall be the most important thing to do.

  1. Vaccination

Like humans, dogs also require vaccines to fight against the diseases. But the diseases that dogs acquire are not as same as that of the humans and hence the vaccination also differs. Usually, vaccination to dogs is classified into three types, namely core, non-core, and not recommended. The core vaccinations are usually administered for diseases like canine hepatitis, canine parvovirus, distemper, rabies etc because these diseases are common to almost all breeds of dogs.

But, some diseases are confined only to dogs of certain breeds, age, exposure, risk and geographical location. Such dogs should be administered with the non-core vaccines against Leptospira bacteria, Lyme disease, coronavirus. Vaccinations to puppies should also be administered without any delay and usually, the time for vaccination in puppies is only after 6 to 8 weeks when the antibodies obtained from its mother’s milk begin to subside. Consult your veterinarian to know about the time of vaccination for rabies, distemper etc. By following the above practices, you can keep your animal buddy healthy without becoming a victim of any disease.

  1. Street safety

Taking your dog to the nearby parks, streets, etc can serve to be a healthy exercise for your dog but it is also associated with some safety issues. Most of you take your dog outdoors, only after tying him with the strap. While walking with you, your dog may happen to see a squirrel or a rabbit. Driven by natural stimulation your dog shall escape from your clutches and chase that animal unmindful about the environment. If your dog is not that lucky, he may end up in an accident in the street with any vehicle which can also be fatal. Also while taking your dog for training or exercise along the streets tie your dog with a strap of short length which shall be very helpful to you while encountering busy roads with your dog.

  1. Grooming

Snuggling with your most lovable pet shall always be an interesting and exciting experience to anyone. If your pooch has a lot of fine fur over him then snuggling shall be more enjoyable. At the same time you snuggle with your dog, it is also crucial to groom your dog on a regular basis in order to maintain proper health of your pooch. When the fur of your dog grows beyond a limit, there is a huge possibility for it to become more vulnerable to the infestation of ticks and fleas.

Dense hairs shall be a very good shelter for the ticks and fleas which feed on the blood of your pet thereby hindering its normal health. Hence, proper grooming is very much necessary for a dog to keep itself healthy and free from those ectoparasites. Trim your pooch’s hair to the desired level only with the blades which cannot hurt your dog even if it makes a move while grooming. It is the fur of the dog, which retains the heat of your pooch. Therefore, before determining the size of the hair to be cut, you should also take the climate into account. Make sure that you don’t cut the hair very short during the winter season and snow because they are essential in keeping your pet warm at such times.

  1. Brush his teeth

It is a hideous task which most of the owners hate to do. Like humans, pooches are also prone to periodontal issues like a toothache, damage, tartar, plaque, bad breaths etc. Even though you cannot brush your dog’s tooth on daily basis, you should do it at least thrice a week to maintain the proper dental health of your dog.

Consult your veterinarian for the appropriate solutions to brush your dog’s tooth. Never intend to use human toothpaste as it creates adverse allergic reactions to your pooch.

  1. Weigh your dog

The weight of your dog should be carefully analyzed periodically in order to ensure the health of your dog. To keep the weight of your dog at a standard level it is advised not to award an extra treat to your dog. The healthy range of treats that can be given to your dog shall be around 10 percent of its total calorie requirement in a day. Dogs which are affected by muscle and leg disorders, hip dysplasia, arthritis etc cannot stand on the weighing machine.

Also, dogs which are aggressive and uncomfortable on the weighing stand shall also try to escape such situations. How can you weigh your dog in such situations? There is a very simple method to solve this issue. Just measure your weight first. Carry your pet with you and measure your weight again. Subtract the values to get the actual weight of your pooch. This way, you can earn the trust of your dog and also measure your dog’s weight as well.

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