Windows is one of the most user friendly operating system made my Microsoft till date. It is used by public all over the world and is one of the most recommended and appreciated operating systems. Windows is also a collection of several graphical system and all of these are being sold and marketed by Microsoft only. Since its inception window has captured the 90% of the market share and it is still racing ahead in the competition.

But no doubt just like many other technical things windows has also got its share of issues. There are some of the problems in windows which a user faces and thus here we are to resolve the same for you. Let’s have a look at some of the most common and frequently observed problems in windows and what are the different ways to fix them. An important point to be noted here is that all the solutions of these problems are quite basic in nature and does not require any specific technical knowledge. Let’s have a look at the problems in windows –

  1. File Back Up – This is one of the most common problems in windows. If you have observed that your desktop is continuously hanging then you must go for a file back in order to avoid any last minute emergencies. You can do the file back up at any external device or you can also select the start button, and then click on control panel˃ System and maintenance ˃ Backup and Restore. In case you have never done a backup then you need to click on Set Up backup and then follow the instructions accordingly. In case you have created a backup beforehand then the system will notify you when your scheduled backup will occur. Other than this you can also manually start your backup whenever you like.
  2. Update Issues – One of the most common problems which almost all the windows users face is the update issues. Every 2-3 years we all want to upgrade our old windows into the newest system. One of the easiest ways to run updates on your computer is to open control panel ˃ run window update and then your PC will be updated. In many cases when you try to update your windows you may get windows update error 0x80070057. This error indicates that the update has failed and there are various reason why it has happened. You need to troubleshoot it further.
  3. Internet Connection Unstable – It might be the case that you are trying repetitively to connect your PC to the internet but you are not able to do so. It might occur because of some hardware or spyware infection is removed or maybe you have uninstalled certain antivirus products. In this case what you need to do is that you should install windows winsock communication software and follow all the instructions given in the wizard.

  1. Start Menu Not Working – Start menu is a quick guide to your windows and some times when it stops working then you don’t know how to survive. So, don’t worry in order to deal with your survival issues we are here to help you with your start menu. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and right click on the taskbar. Select Task Manager ˃ More details. Once the same gets expanded select on run new task from the files When create new task dialog box open then you need to type Powershell and then select create this task with administrative privileges and then finally click on OK. You need to type SFC into the window and then press the return key. As per your system condition the command will take time.
  2. Windows Restore Facility – After installing or uninstalling something if your window is behaving strangely then you can go back to the earlier arrangement where your windows was behaving completely normally. To begin with log in to your windows as an administrator ˃ Start ˃ Help and Support ˃ Performance and Maintenance ˃ Using System Restore To undo changes and then finally click on Run the system restore wizard. You will observe a welcome to system restore screen where you need to select restore my computer to an earlier time and then follow the instructions given ahead.
  3. Repair Installation – You might face some issues with your installation when you are looking to update or uninstall some of the software. In that case you can begin with making a backup copy of all your files and next disconnect your computer from all the networks. Boot your computer with the CD given or with the help of some external device. You will see a lot of instructions, you just need to read them closely and follow the instructions given on your screen.
  4. Blue Screen – This is something which we all are scared of. Whenever you see that your computer screen has turned blue and there are some codes written all over it then you need to not panic and follow our instructions. In some cases blue screen comes up only when you have installed some new software, so what you need to do is immediately uninstall the same. Also, sometimes blue screen also occurs when there is not enough space, so the need of the hour is to create some space. Also, another safer way to turn off the blue screen is to run a quick full scan of your system to check if there is any virus or not.

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