Working in real estate has a variety of hurdles that you need to overcome. For example, you need to build up a reputation and raise brand awareness if you want people to hire you. This can be difficult to do as you face competition, so you should look into these seven awesome marketing tools for realtors.


Facebook stands out as a popular social media platform that millions of people use. People will spend hours scrolling through their feeds to find new information that will interest them. People will also use Facebook to follow the pages of groups, people and companies that they care about.

You can create a Facebook page for yourself or your real estate business and use it to advertise, communicate and interact with people in your area. Doing so will allow you to leave a positive impression on those people while also giving you the chance to show off your clients’ homes on your Facebook page.


While Twitter won’t allow you to make long posts, it’s a great place to quickly update people on information or your business. For example, you could post an image of one of the houses for sell and include some hashtags to help it gain traffic. This way, people scrolling through Twitter or searching for those hashtags come across your tweets.

Keep in mind that Twitter doesn’t allow you to make posts with lots of words: you have a character limit to keep in mind. However, people love to use it as a way easily come across different pieces of information while they re-tweet anything they find interesting. This way, if you use Twitter, you can have more people find out about you business.

Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow Premier Agent is an excellent website that gives you access to various real estate tools to help you with contacting clients while you look for leads. There’s an app version that you can download on your phone to have easy access to those tools even when you’re away from your home computer.

For example, the app will let you know when people are looking for homes on the market. You can get in contact with them and work closely with them to close the sale and make some money. This app can provide many tools that will help realtors, so you should definitely download it and create an account.


Instagram is another popular social media platform, except this one sticks to pictures and videos. Some people don’t like to deal with words, so they will go on Instagram to look at different images and watch videos. You can make your own account and share videos or images of your houses on the market to get more people interested in those homes.

You can also send direct messages to people on the app. This means that you can contact people that comment or like photos to see if they would be interested in purchasing those homes. This makes it a great tool to show off your homes for sale as you find potential buyers in the area.

Boom Town

BoomTown is another site focused specifically on real estate marketing. If focuses on helping you to find leads, building relationships with your customers, and many other features. You can also use any of your devices to access BoomTown, so this gives you the flexibility to use the most convenient device at the time.

Keep in mind that BoomTown will help you through the entire marketing process until you close your deals. You can choose from a variety of packages on their website and pick the one that your business needs. This way, you can get help as a new real estate agent just starting your career, as a large business or anyone in-between.


Some realtors will overlook YouTube, but it’s the most popular video hosting site on the internet. If you create your own YouTube account, then you can post videos that involve your real estate business. This includes making videos that introduce people to your business and anything else that you think will interest your customers.

On top of this, YouTube will allow you to post as many videos as you want, so you can keep posting and use it as a place to show off your homes for sale. For example, you could create virtual tours, post them on YouTube and then share them on other social media sites. This way, people can look at your homes without visiting them.

Wise Pelican

Wise is a business that allows you to use direct mail marketing. It’s a business that offers direct mail for realtors so you can send postcards out and inform people about a new home for sale. This way, you can advertise to lots of people and send out postcards for 70 cents each.

Direct mail for realtors may not sound appealing at first, but it’s a great way to inform people in the local area about your homes for sale. They may not need a home, but many of them will know people currently looking for a place to move into. So if you send out direct mail, you can encourage people to share your business through word of mouth.


If you plan to make your business stand out among other realtors, then you need to properly market yourself so that people will want to work with you. If you use the marketing tools mentioned in this article, then you will be able to interact with potential customers and clients. Doing so will allow you to gain more connections and boost your brand recognition.

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