When planning for a group vacation, it’s important that you identify the right travel destination. The experience of doing it can be a nightmare, so it makes sense to seek help. Klook, an online concierge, has the best travel deals that you can take advantage of. You can visit their website and book your travel. If you don’t know where to visit, here are 7 amazing travel destinations we found on Klook that you can consider:

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is cultural country that has amazing natural beauties. It’s home to two of Asia’s greatest towers: Kl and Petronas Twin Towers. Other sites to visit include wildlife sanctuaries, tropical beaches, and historic caves. They all provide amazing setups for amusement and adventure.

  1. Taiwan

Taiwan has some of the most beautiful nature spots in Asia. Popular travel spots include the Sun Moon Lake for a boating experience and the National Museum of Biology for dolphin watching. You can also enjoy the Taiwan culture at the Kaohsiung cultural center. Generally, Taiwan is popular because it is a considerably affordable holiday destination, which makes it easy for most travelers to enjoy its rich cultures and traditions.

  1. Australia

Boasting of proximity to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, Australia is a great travel destination. You can see amazing wildlife and natural landmarks. There is also the benefit of walking along the mesmerizing beaches. Towns to visit include Melbourne, Victoria, and Sydney.

  1. Tokyo

Tokyo is Japan’s most electric city and any technology that you are likely to interact with while you transverse this city is high-tech. The restaurants here, for example, the Robot and Gyukatsu Motomura, have amazing Japanese and international cuisines. Besides, there are promo codes for Klook tours to this amazing city. Other than the lovely streets and food, you can look forward to a Go-kart Ride.

  1. China

Lately, China has been turning heads with its dazzling culture and tourist spots. Things to enjoy here include walking at the glass-bottomed walkway and the Great Wall.  You also get to enjoy amazing Chinese dishes and yearly festivals.

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has more to offer than the neon lights and incredible skyscrapers. You can walk to the hipster street and take amazing photographs. If you want an adventurous experience, you can visit the TaiO Fishing Village for a boating experience or the Dragon’s Back for hiking. Once you are hungry, you can visit the local restaurants for delicious egg tarts.

  1. Singapore

Recently, Singapore was listed as the “City of the Future” due to its rich architectural and cultural provisions. Places to visit include the Universal Studios Park, Sentosa Island, and the Marina Bay. They offer amazing sites for group tours.


Surely, the 7 amazing travel destinations we found on Klook are worth visiting. You can take your family, colleagues, relatives, or friends to the amazing countries and towns and have memorable encounters. Take advantage of the offers that Klook is providing today and go for an unforgettable vacation.

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