Are you hoping to make your home and workspace more organized? While this may seem like a huge project, there are small things you can do, a step at a time to make your settings more organized and manageable.

Cut down on the time and stress that comes with a disorganized home and workplace, and try out some of these organization tips instead. You may be surprised how much more productive and calm you are once you’ve made your space work for you.

  1. Make a Plan

Before diving into reorganizing your entire home, or entire workplace, make sure you have a plan first. If you want to reorganize your entire living space eventually, make a list of every room in your house that you want to work on.

Underneath every room, list areas that need reorganizing. Think about areas such as drawers, closets, and end tables where clutter can accumulate.

  1. Revamp the Junk Drawer

Do you have a messy junk drawer in your home or office where you tend to throw things randomly? Consider transforming this drawer from a junk drawer to an everyday drawer. This means rather than filling it with random “junk”, you can use the drawer to hold all of the things you need to access regularly.

Consider adding items that you always need to grab before leaving your home or office. Make a spot for items like your keys, wallet, and glasses so that you have a place to put these everyday necessities. This will also lower your chances of losing them or running around trying to find them.

Try using drawer organizers to keep things arranged and easily visible.

  1. Convienent Cleaning Station

Staying organized and keeping things clean, go hand in hand. If you currently have tons of cleaning supplies cluttered in a cupboard, consider making an essential grab and go cleaning station.

Place the supplies you use most often in a caddy to keep things confined to one unit, while also be easy to bring them around your home or office. Making it easier for you to clean your home and workplace will likely increase your chances of doing it more often.

  1. Clean Up the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a great place to focus on reorganizing. Due to dishes, pots, pans, and ingredients, it’s easy for this place to become cluttered. Reorganizing this area can lead to easier and quicker cooking sessions, as you can more easily grab the items you need.

There are ways you can reorganize nearly every cupboard of your kitchen. For example, consider revamping your spice cupboard by making an organized spice drawer instead. Use a drawer organizer to tier or stack your spices with their labels facing out.

You can also use drawer dividers to create extra, organized space. Even just adding one drawer divider to a drawer will create two separate categories for your items. Using drawer dividers can help you fit double or triple of what you could before while creating more organized storage space.

  1. Maximize Verticle Space

If you find that certain rooms in your home are prone to clutter, it could be because there isn’t enough storage available. To create areas for storage without cutting down on space, think of ways you can utilize verticle spaces.

A simple way to start is to use hooks, which is especially helpful in smaller rooms or crowded spaces. You can add hooks to your entryway for items such as book bags, hats, and purses, which often land on the floor or on counter spaces. This will allow you and your family to easily grab what they need and go, saving time, and avoiding hassle.

Using hooks in areas such as your bathroom, walk-in closet, or vanity can be a great way to organize jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets. This way, you can easily see all of your options without worrying about tangling or damaging your bling.

Consider using lockers for a playful twist on verticle storage that you can use in your home office, or your children’s playroom. Check out wood lockers for sale here.

  1. Create a Filing System

Creating an organized filing system can be a great idea both at work and at home. This will allow you to grab important documents with ease.

If you want a filing option that you can bring back and forth from work and home, consider a portable option such as an accordion. Make sure that you have a space in both places for the file to make sure that you don’t lose important information.

Otherwise, a desk filing system is a great way to store your files discretely while also being able to access them throughout the workday easily. If you want a filing cabinet at home, but don’t want it to ruin your decor, look for a filing system furniture piece. Many stylish and discrete options look like small dressers and won’t make your filing cabinet stick out like a sore thumb.

Make Your Life Easier With These Organization Tips

If you want to make your home and office space less cluttered and more accessible, try using some of these awesome and easy organization tips. There are small changes you can make to your work and living spaces that can make a huge difference in your day to day life. Make some changes to your space to make it as functional as possible.

For more advice when it comes to home organization and decor, head to the lifestyle section of our site.

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