One you’ve arrived in Zurich, taken the Zurich airport taxi and found out where to get an airport transfer in Zurich, you’re left with the most pleasurable things to do: visiting the tourist attractions that make this city one of the most famous ones in the world. Because it is Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich has dozens of museums, a charming old town filled with Renaissance and medieval buildings and art everywhere you look around. If you’re only left with a couple of days and you want to visit Zurich’s top-rated tourist attractions, here’s what you should consider:

  1. Old Town

Old Town (Altstadt) is the central part of the city that encompasses the historical city that was built until 1893. These parts are a must-see if you travel to Zurich in order for you to get the full experience of the city and learn a great deal about its culture. Some main attractions of Old Town are: Shoemakers’ Guild, which is now a theatre and the Hans zum Rech, which dates back since the Middle Ages.

  1. Lake Zurich

The lake lies in the South of the city and offers tourists an amazing view. Boat trips can be arranged on the lake. During summer, when water temperatures reach over 20 degrees Celsius, swimming is possible. A flea market is held every year between May and October. Here you can find many vendors that trade everything from antiquity to modern day gadgets.

  1. Fraumunster

Fraumunster Church is a historical sight in Zurich. It was built on the remains of an abbey for aristocratic women all the way back in 853 by Louis the German for his daughter. Its architecture is in a gothic style. The remains of 9th-century crypt can be seen in the undercroft of the church. The church gets around 500.000 visitors every year and the tours are conducted by booking in advance and with accredited guides.

  1. Schweizerisches Landesmuseum

The Swiss National Museum is located in central Zurich near the Hauptbahnhof. The museum is built in 1898 by historian Gustav Gull. Tourists are offered exhibitions ranging from prehistoric relicts to arts of the middle ages.

  1. Grossmünster

The church was built between 1110 and 1220. It has a Romanesque-style. According to the legend the church was built by the Franc king Charles the Great when his horse fell on his knees. He believed that the horse kneeled over the tomb of Felix and Regula who are the saint patrons of Zurich.  

  1. Zurich Zoo

The zoo harbors more than 360 species of different animals. The zoo’s habitats are almost identical copies of the animals’ natural environments.  The zoo’s main attraction is the Asian elephant exhibit, where tourists can watch elephants play with their young cubs or swim in their multi-environmental complex. There are trams and trains that run to the zoo from the center of the city.  

With so many wonderful places to visit, Zurich will for sure remain one of the unforgettable journeys worth keeping in your mind and heart for a lifetime.

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