If you’ve ever thought about being an interior designer, you’re probably someone who loves to use their creativity to problem solve and create beautiful visual spaces.

Interior design can be a great career choice for someone who has a lot of ideas and a desire to express themselves through colors, patterns and lighting.

Interior designers can transform spaces by envisioning their potential, no matter how big or small the space might be. Does that sound like you?

Here are 6 signs you might want to consider a career in interior design:

  1. Decorating is your main hobby

result of an interior design touch

If you love to decorate your space and often get inspired by décor that you come across, it shows you are a visual creative, and someone who would naturally be good at interior design.

Decorating isn’t just about having interesting objects in various places in a room, there is an element of decision involved.  You understand that decorating is not just about making a space “look good”, it’s about how it makes you feel the moment you enter a room.

  1. You have ambitions to run your own interior design business

Many interior designers eventually become self-employed or start their own business because their skills are in high demand.

From open plan offices to cafes and even shopping malls, interior designers are needed to create a look and feel that conveys a client’s vision.

If you’ve always seen yourself as more of a creative entrepreneur, and don’t want to be behind a desk all day then managing your own interior design business might just be your calling!

  1. You always see room for improvement

Interior designers are perfectionists. When they envision a space, they can describe all the minute details that the average person wouldn’t think of, and they are able to see how it all comes together.

Even if a space looks fine to everyone else, you’re able to seek out and spot areas that need improvement. Adding different colors, taking away objects of clutter and changing the lighting can all make a tremendous difference to a space.

  1. You’re a creative problem solver

Interior design is not just about decorating. It’s also about functionality and ensuring your client is happy with the results.

Interior designers know that it’s not always about them and that they must make room for their client’s ideas. Clients have their own ideas about what they like and as an interior designer you know when to step back and let your client make the decision.

You’re able to solve creative problems by listening and being flexible to create something both you and your client are proud of.

  1. You can envision the potential of any space

Often times an interior designer works from scratch, with a blank slate in front of them. But they also work with existing designs to improve them and change up the style.

If you’re someone who’s born to be an interior designer, you can work with both these scenarios.

Your creativity allows you to see the finished product before it’s complete. This means that once you get an idea in your head, you are able to turn it into a reality.

  1. You love experimenting with colors, textures and prints

The artful combination of colors, textures, materials and prints is a skill that only visual creatives possess (especially ones with an interest in interior design).

You probably have a unique sense of style and love to express yourself through your clothing choices. An understanding and appreciation of fashion is a characteristic of many interior designers.

You may also enjoy doing DIY’s, sewing and painting. At the end of the day, a career in interior design can be an amazing way to make use of your creative skills and talents.

  1. You understand the difference between decorating and interior designing

People often tend to think of interior designing and decoration are the same, but they mean different things while creating a home.

Decorators beautify and decorate your space when it’s being built. They work on the aesthetic appeal of a given area. Interior designers are there every step of the way when you are constructing your house or office. Mumbai is a hub of creativity, and the sphere of interior designing is teeming with it.

  1. You prefer residential over commercial design

Residential interior designers mostly work as part of some interior design companies or work as independent service providers. They play a leading role in designing both the interiors of residential and commercial properties.

By shaping outstanding environments, the interior designers create unique spaces that show a perfect blend of color coordination, lighting, etc. 

The interior designer brings in his or her expertise in designing the places by considering different factors like the weather condition, looks, feel of the area, and, most importantly, the needs of the client.

  1. You like being social and apply your skills

You may be able to decorate and style your home with a few DIY ideas, but this may lack expertise and finesse. The residential interior designers are equipped with the skills to guide you through the technical and aesthetic aspects of it.

For instance, creating a piece of furniture from scratch might seem like a fun project, but when it gets down to the essentials, it can get quite tricky.

Purchasing quality materials, getting the right deals, and above all, technique and execution are best left to experienced interior designers. 

You must have a basic idea or a plan of how you want to style your interiors. Research a bit, read a few articles, look around, and save some images for reference.

Another important thing is a fixed budget that would meet your requirements. Each interior designer has a different fee structure, which depends on various factors.

  1. You are not afraid to market yourself

There are fierce competition in the interior design industry. To achieve success, you will need to stand out from the crowd. Finding a residential interior designer is easy, but to find the ideal one can be a challenging job. 

Choosing the best from a long list is a daunting task, especially since everyone comes up with conflicting reviews. But picking up the right one is a task where one should invest time.  

Always make sure that you are looking for an expert in the field. Pick out the names from the search lists based on your requirements and budget. Take a look at their previous projects and contracts.

Look at the customer reviews, which will help in choosing the right and the best interior designer that suits you. Rather than choosing from the top ten residential designers, pick the designer who will give the sort of style that you want and someone with your taste.

  1. You know how much to charge for your time

Different aspects like the raw materials, scope of the project, area per square feet, labor charge, etc. determine the fee of the interior designer. The interior designers charges various rates depending on the type and size of space.

Commercial interior designers might charge differently as compared to residential interior designers. The costs may also vary based on the technology used for designing, i.e., using 3D models or graphics may be charged more.

Most professional interior designers charge for the time required to complete the project.

Did any of these signs resonate with you?

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