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If every favorite moment of our lives could be repeated, not many people would have been sad in this world. Alas! Not everything is within the human power! Thank God we can relive those honey-drizzled days of a wedding at least!

Imagine watching her walk down the glass floor aisle dressed in a white trousseau in the middle of a mesmerizing blue ocean! Can you predict your state of heart on seeing his eyes welling up with joy as he waits for you at the idyllic garden gazebo? The dewy blush on her cheeks, the languid romance in his eyes, and a stunning wedding venue – ah! The air already smells of sweet love. Well, renewing wedding vows is a beautiful solution to the marriage hitches and a perfect excuse to take a holiday.

Here are six reasons you must renew your wedding vows.


  • Giving it a fresh start

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Though a wedding brings along spangled dreams, the mundane chores of family life do succeed to disband the stars in those eyes. The man who was once as essential for living as the air starts to feel like an obnoxious saddle on the shoulders. He can’t see eye to eye with the woman in whose eyes he’d once found his world. In their preoccupation with household responsibilities, the couples often fail to stop, sit, and recall the divine vows that have got them here, together. What better way to give marital tedium a break than renewing wedding vows at some exotic place far away from home?


  • Letting kids be a part of it


A few years back, both of you took nuptial vows and dreamt of making babies together. Today, your kids are planning surprise gifts for your wedding vows renewal ceremony. How cool is that! Imagine their thrill of watching their parents getting hitched with each other once again at a jaw-dropping destination! Watching you unwind, steal secret glances, and brush flirty skin against each other will reassure them of a happy family. This holiday is going to stay etched in their memory always.


  • Realizing an unfulfilled dream


A lot of couples marry under constricted circumstances that immobilize their grand wedding plans. Some might have been going through financial crunches while some might have had to meet a sudden medical emergency in the family. The dreams of taking vows in an Indian lakeside palace, or in a beachside European castle comes tumbling down like a card house. A much-anticipated wedding celebration gone wrong can leave wistful marks in the couples. Why die longing for something that you can achieve any day? Why not realize the unfulfilled dream by tying the knot with each other once again?


  • Love minus the anxiety


Ask them to recall the best moments from their wedding, and couples seem to realize precious moments missing from their memory. Probably, the tension of a new life, changed roles, and greater responsibilities preoccupied their minds at that time. They were anxious about rightfully performing every wedding ritual. And then there’s the desperate effort to please each other’s family. How could they have enjoyed their wedding at all!

The couples are more at ease while renewing their wedding vows. There’s no stiffness of the first-time wedding ritual to restrict them anymore. They are free to celebrate the way they want, wherever they want, and with whomever they wish to invite. “Why restrict to a chapel or a gazebo? Let’s take our vows over a vineyard in a hot air balloon this time.”


  • It’s time to feel Sexy once again


Laundry, dusting, momma dresses, babysitting, grocery shopping, and bills – rings a siren, doesn’t it? It’s time to suspend the marital responsibilities and give romance a chance. Book an exotic resort to re-tie the knot and find yourself being pampered afresh. How about a pre-wedding couple’s spa massage?  A couple’s hammam would be even better.

She finds time to put her sexiest foot forward in a gorgeous trousseau, pretty bridal hairdo, and an irresistible makeup. And he turns into that same impatient man who once missed no chance to step closer to her. Aren’t this tempting enough?


  • A bit of boasting is good


We all take pride in the ones we love. So, why not boast of the love that has outdone the most testing times? Raise a toast, give each other a pat, and announce it to the world how the two of you are still going strong. The amount of love and hard work that has gone into knitting such a strong a relationship deserves to be acknowledged and pompously celebrated.

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