Businesses in Australia put immense effort and resources to maintain a fresh look at the client-facing level, ensuring maximum positive impact and comfort. They do this through revamped websites, reworking social media strategies, providing them with souvenirs, and more. But seldom do these businesses focus on redesigning the office and installing the right commercial office furniture

As most of the work happens behind the scenes for hours in an office, the company product, service, work culture, employee satisfaction, engagement and morale depend on how work-friendly the office is. 

Australia is one of the leading economies in the world. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2,422,404 trading businesses are currently active. To evolve the workspace with the shifting world and gain growth, good offices must reflect on innovating their offices and incorporate the latest ergonomic furniture to redesign their offices. 

Adapting Flexible Remote Working

With employees working from home for months, companies experienced the largest change in human behaviour in the past couple of years. Increasingly, more workers are opting for a hybrid working model that incorporates a balanced and flexible strategy of working from home and in the office when necessary. The workplace must adapt to the changing times and accommodate new work environments to match the culture to gain the most from their employees and draw in the best talent.  

Incorporate Technological Innovations

The world is increasingly relying on technology and digital systems to communicate and store data. From video conferencing, projectors, wireless communication systems and computers, workplaces must plan and design a space to incorporate all the systems necessary to grow the company, keeping up with the technological innovations. 

New workplaces also include ventilation solutions, human-centric lighting, touchless operating systems and behavioural technologies to keep the employees efficient, innovative and communicative.

Gain Maximum Productivity

Redesigning the workplace shows that the company cares about its employees and their workplace experience. By designing an office space that is employee-friendly and work-friendly, it creates a culture of mutual respect and trust. This further pushes the employees to improve their productivity and engagement to the next level. Well-being focused workplace designs with good ventilation, and ergonomic commercial office furniture ensures that the employees stay healthy, preventing absence. A study conducted by Gallup shows that the companies that strive for employee engagement are 18% more productive and 23% more profitable. 

The Need for Privacy and Autonomy

Studies published recently indicate the employees’ need for privacy at different levels of an organisation. In traditional offices, the upper-level management and executives enjoyed this facility. While not everyone can have an office, smart designs with innovative use of commercial office furniture can provide quiet places in the back of the office. 

Also, this area can be separated from the workspace providing uninterrupted space for employees to work when necessary. Modern office designs consider the need of every employee and their need for private space and provide them with restrooms and lunch areas.

Optimising Operational Expense Through Space Rationalisation

The requirements for office space are evolving, with many employees working from home. As few employees work in the office space, companies are looking to restack and rationalise their workspace with intelligent designs and furniture to help optimise the layout and decrease the operational cost. 

Workplace for the Future

Gen Z companies are transforming the workplace with their intuitive knowledge of incorporating technology and employee satisfaction. The next generation of workers has different motivators from their millennial counterparts. To keep the employees engaged and stand out in this competitive market, offices need to embrace the needs of the new workforce. 



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