Mounting your flat screen TV on the wall is one of the best hacks you can incorporate into your living room design.

With your flat screen TV mounted on a wall, everyone will have a full view of the show or movie. Your living room will also be more spacious to accommodate other pieces of furniture if you simply have your television attached to the wall and do away with a space-eating TV rack.

Mounting your television on the wall, though, is not that easy, having to drill some holes and install the brackets. To avoid damaging your expensive digital TV, you have to go through the installation process carefully. You also need to avoid making these common DIY TV wall mounting mistakes:

1.    Not choosing the best location on the wall

When installing the brackets, don’t just place them anywhere on the wall. You have to be extra careful about placing them too high. This is because fastening your flat screen two metres or more above the floor will give viewers stiff necks and shoulders.

To have the perfect viewing experience, your television has to be installed at a level that does not require you to crane your head in any way. Mounting it at the right height will also allow everyone to have a better view of the screen.

2.    Failing to secure the bracket safely on the wall

Before installing the bracket, you have to know the type of wall you have, what’s behind the drywall, and where the studs are. There will be instances wherein you can’t use the studs and, as such, you will have to use a technique to secure the bracket on the wall securely.

In addition, you have to ensure you will use the right drywall anchors. They have to fully support the weight of your TV especially if your drywall is already quite old.

If you don’t know how to check the load-bearing capacity of your anchors or toggle bolts, it is best to have your television installed by experts. They can check your wall and employ the best strategy to ensure your device won’t crash to the floor.

3.    Selecting the wrong wall mounting bracket

Wall mounting brackets are graded depending on the size and weight of the device they can carry.  It is, therefore, important that you choose one that is strong enough for your particular screen.

In addition, before buying a bracket, decide beforehand if you want a full motion type or just a regular tilting one. If you plan on mounting the TV into a corner, you may have to purchase a specially-designed wall mount.

4.    Not using the right tools

When installing the bracket, use an electric drill. It is also important that you drill the correct size of the holes.

Also, avoid drilling holes in the wall that are too big for the cables to run through. Pests such as termites, ants, spiders, roaches, and other small insects can use them as entryways.

In addition, make sure you only use Rawl bolts, self-tapping screws, and plastic drywall anchors. Never use ordinary nails or steel nails since they tend to break and cause your expensive TV to fall to the floor.

5.    Stretching the cables that connect to the TV

Do not stretch the cables that will go into the TV. Stretching these cables will damage them and, in some cases, rip the ports off the motherboard. As such, during installation, have long RCA, HDMI, and power cables handy to replace the short ones.

Also, if you have successfully mounted the TV on the wall but the available space does not permit inserting the cables, do not try and bend the screen. Unhook it first and insert the cables. If necessary, use the cable management tools provided with your device.

6.    Not calibrating the picture and sound after installation

Lastly, with the TV hanging and no longer standing on a solid base, there will be changes in the picture and sound quality. Start by changing the sound configuration settings. Don’t forget to change the brightness and colour “temperature” settings as well to improve the picture quality.

Hiring pros to mount your TV to a wall is the easiest way to avoid these mistakes. With their help, you will enjoy a wonderful viewing experience every time you turn on your television. You will avoid damaging your home and expensive TV, too.

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