The average homeowner spends more than $104 on electricity each month. That number goes up significantly once the temperatures outside start to rise.

When summer is in full swing, it’s easy to think that you have to accept a high energy bill. After all, the more your AC turns on, the more energy it uses. However, there are ways to stay cool without increasing your home’s carbon footprint.

It just comes down to investing in the right cooling technology for your house. Here are a few great and incredibly affordable ways to beat the heat on the cheap.

  1. Make Use of Curtains

The best way to keep your home cool and comfortable even when it’s hot outside is to block your windows. Install blackout curtains that will help trap the heat between your windows and the curtains themselves.

The thicker the curtains are and the more light they can block out, the better.

You don’t have to completely forego having natural light in your home. All you need to do is pull the curtains during the hottest part of the day or when the sun comes directly through those windows.

If you have windows that open onto a shadier part of your yard, you can leave them uncovered. This way, you’ll still be able to avoid turning on the lights during the day without having to deal with the heat from the sun’s UV rays.

  1. Install Ceiling Fans

Part of what makes your home so hot when the air conditioner turns off is the air staying still in the room. Even a slight breeze can make the room feel several degrees cooler.

The easiest way to keep the air circulating is to install a double ceiling fan in each room that your family spends significant time in.

Double ceiling fans increase the amount of air circulation more effectively than a single ceiling fan and draw only a fraction of the electricity that your air conditioner does.

Fans won’t lower the temperature of the room, but they will make the air feel cooler. This means you’ll be able to set your thermostat at a slightly higher temperature than you would without the fans running.

Ultimately, this will help your air conditioner run less often, saving you on your electricity bill. The less electricity you use, the more eco-friendly your house will be.

  1. Upgrade Your Light Bulbs

All light bulbs generate heat when they turn on. This is just a byproduct of the electricity flowing to the filaments. However, some produce more heat than others and that heat can have a serious impact on the temperature of your home.

If you have older light bulbs in place, put your hand close to the fixture and see how much heat they put off. If you can feel it on your skin, you can bet that it’s warming up the air in the room.

Replacing those older light bulbs with LED bulbs can dramatically decrease the amount of heat your light fixtures generate. Modern LED bulbs produce almost no heat even when they’re on for hours at a time. Even better, they use far less electricity to produce the same amount of light your traditional incandescent bulbs put out.

Look for LED bulbs with the same wattage rating as the bulbs you currently have in place. This way, you’ll get the same quality light you’re used to.

  1. Open Your Windows at Night

The easiest way to keep your home cool without increasing your home’s carbon footprint is to let nature do the job for you. Open the windows once the sun starts to set and let the cool air from outside your home cool things down inside.

If you can, leave the windows open overnight to help decrease the temperature of the house as much as possible. Once the sun is up in the morning, close the windows and use your fans and air conditioner to keep the heat at bay.

  1. Make a DIY Swamp Cooler

Believe it or not, ice is still one of the best and most eco-friendly ways to stay cool during the summer months. While you can use it to cool beverages, you can also use it to create a personal air conditioner when you’re at home.

Fill a plastic bottle with water and let it freeze completely. Then, wrap it in a damp towel and place the bottle in front of a fan. The fan will hit the ice and send some of its coolness toward you.

It can take time to figure out the perfect setup, but once you do, you’ll have access to an eco-friendly air conditioner that can take the strain off your central HVAC system.

  1. Invest in a Dehumidifier 

Humidity can make even cool days feel hot and sticky. When humidity builds up in your home, it’s hard to cool down, even if you sit directly in front of a fan.

While you can crank your air conditioner up to remove humidity from the air, it will cause your energy bill to spike. Instead, consider investing in a stand-alone dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier will remove excess humidity from the air, making the space feel cooler even when the air conditioner isn’t running. Over the course of the summer, you’ll end up having to rely on your air conditioner less often, helping you keep your energy bills as low as possible.

Try This Great Cooling Technology for Yourself

Staying cool on the cheap doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to make a few adjustments around your home.

These are just a few examples of the best that modern cooling technology has to offer. If you’re looking for a way to slash your energy bills without having to suffer through the heat, try these options for yourself.

Looking for more easy and affordable ways to improve your home without breaking the bank? Check out our latest posts for more helpful tips and tricks.

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