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If you have built a sales website, then one of your main concerns will be to get as many conversions as possible. After all, just having visitors is insufficient. You need to convert them into sales if you wish to profit from your website. And one way to do so is by clever usage of pictures. Below, we look at five ways you can use images to boost your website conversions.

Be Emotional

Rule number one – evoke emotions through the images. Never post a photo that is bland. And certainly never put up an image that triggers any negative emotions.  Instead, always choose to use images that give off a positive vibe. And do make sure that it is somehow related to the content of the website. For example, suppose that your website is selling cat food. At the product page, instead of using the image of a cat that is starring at the camera, use the image of a cat that is smiling in a cute way. This alone will make the website visitors feel comfortable, helping you achieve better conversions.


When a person is seeking to buy something from your website, the best way to convince them will be to offer a strong validation. For example, suppose that you are selling weight-loss products. Right on the product page, you can have the picture of your existing customers who have benefited from the product, showing their ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. This can serve as a powerful tool to inspire confidence in the minds of prospective customers.

You Are Not Important

This is something that you should always keep in mind when selecting images for your website – you are not important. Instead, it is the customers who are important. Rather than picking an image that you fancy, always ask yourself how the customer might feel when seeing the image. And if any particular picture catches your eye and you are confident that it can leave a powerful impact in the minds of the visitors, then definitely use it in the website.


Another thing to keep in mind is the purpose of your website. You should be as specific as possible. If your website is targeted at selling Pokémon cards for children, then there is no logic in using pictures of 30 or 40-year-old adults. Instead, you should only use pics of children, smiling happily and playing with their cards. Don’t just put any image just for the sake of having a picture on the website.

Human Faces

Finally, consider using pictures of human faces as much as possible. People have a natural tendency to be interested in other people. Hence, seeing the human faces can trigger greater interest in the customers. There is an interesting case study of a website that used to sell artworks. When they swapped the picture of the paintings with that of the person who painted it, they saw a huge increase in conversions.

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