When guests arrive at your home to stay overnight whether it be for a night or a week, you want them to feel special. One of the best ways to successfully achieve this is to prepare early. In fact, just a few days before your family or friends arrive, you should spend some time creating the ambiance that creates a retreat for them which is special. One in which that says, it is their home away from home.

1. Think Like a Hotel

First, you want your guests to have everything that they need during their visit. It does not matter if it is a short stay or a relatively long length of time. Whatever the case, think through a day of travel and what you would use if you were at a hotel. Like forethought and preparation of a hotel staff, there are some common toiletries that are always appropriate. You could setup a nice little basket of assorted items that might include the following:

  • Hand towel
  • Bath towel
  • Bar soap
  • Body lotion
  • Hair Shampoo
  • Razor & Shaving Cream

2. Stage the Room

If you want your guests to feel like particular care has been taken, you will also take the time to stage the room as part of your preparation. For instance, some hosts say that they like to leave a bottle of water by the bed and some mints as or chocolates their special touch. Because people will often become thirsty during the night, a bottle of water close to the bed is the very minimum that.

Also, if your guests are from out of town, you may also leave a guidebook of the area in the room or a list of suggested things to see. This is a terrific addition to any guest’s bedroom since it will not only give them some useful material to read late at night, but also help them with planning their next day.

3. Superb Slumbering

At the end of a trip, a cozy and comfortable bed is the reward we all look forward to.  Having a bed that is welcoming, with clean and fresh linens on it is the ultimate treat for a traveler.  Provide enough pillows and blankets so that they can adjust to their preferred temperature when sleeping.

Go the extra mile by buying the right bed sheets that will have your guests feeling well rested and renewed each morning. Typically, most people go for high thread count when they are purchasing the best types for their beds. However, there are other factors that should be considered as well. Do your research. This is why some people consider the type of cotton used in the sheets that they buy. Today, the best cotton choices recommended are 100 percent Egyptian cotton and 100 percent pima cotton. So, it is best for you to shop around to make sure that the sheets selected are soft and smooth enough for your guests to relax and sleep comfortably.  You can take it even one step further by spraying a lavender spritz on the bed to encourage a good night of sleep – and a pleasant scent!

4. Special Touches

Another key to making your guests feel like they are special and being pampered, is to put those extra touch items in the room that might not be commonplace.  For example, fresh flowers by the bed, a luxurious robe that they can keep, or a set of slippers.

5. In-House Room Service

Be sure that you are aware of any dietary restrictions before your guests arrive.  This will allow you to stock up on foods that they like, and avoid foods that they can’t have.  You can have a choice of breakfast pastries set out with the coffee machine prepped, or you can make up little menus for them to choose from while they are with you for their morning meal.  Having freedom to come and go as they please may be important to them, but ask if you can set aside one night for a group meal and this gives you the time to spend together as well.

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